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The [Tuesday] Papers

"U.S. airports are now seeing furlough days because of the sequester. But some social service agencies felt the pinch weeks ago," WBEZ reports.

"Over the next few days WBEZ will bring you portraits of how poor and working class people, and the agencies that serve them, are being impacted by the government spending cuts."

Good - and I hope they're not the only ones. So far the general media focus has tended to be on middle-class annoyances (per usual) instead of boring life and death issues.

Torture USA
We did it, it didn't work and we may still be doing it. USA! USA! USA!

Charter Turf
"Cast by critics including the Chicago Teachers Union as villains in the ongoing school closings controversy, privately run charter schools and their advocates are fighting back with efforts that include plans for a downtown rally by a newly formed parents group," theTribune reports.

Here we go.

"'It's not fair how we're being treated, and we decided we need to have our own voice,' said one of the group's organizers, Mariana Chavez, whose children attend a charter operated by the United Neighborhood Organization."

UNO doesn't have a voice. Poor UNO.

"Many of the larger charter networks have helped Charter Parents United pay for startup costs such as the development of a website. The parent group is also getting public relations help from ASGK Public Strategies, a firm founded by political consultant David Axelrod."

Why am I not surprised.

Emanuel Takes Shot At Texas Gov's Attempt To Lure Illinois Business.

"Emanuel noted, in the two years since he took office, 14 companies have decided to locate their corporate headquarters in Chicago."

Yes, and something like 13 of them came from the suburbs, meaning Rahm is just reshuffling the deck in Illinois to the detriment of taxpayers and workers. Even if he's just being sarcastic, he doesn't exactly have the higher ground.


Texas: Not As Stupid As You Think It Is.

Breaking News!
The Tribune embedded a tweet in a story!


With audio and video!


Using multimedia, digital tools changes the narrative structure of the way stories are - or ought to be - presented. Pyramid style and even traditional feature style will become even less frequent in use; Storify gets to but doesn't quite execute a new approach to informing readers. At some point as well, I envision rollover tools in which audio and video and maybe even tweets and so on activate when readers scroll over key parts of a story - if those tools are turned on. Or they may pop up . . . and data viz and images will appear in 3D, making my long dream (you know who you are, people) of pop-up newspapers and magazines essentially come true on the screen.

The Cub Factor
Cubs bullpen now blowing two leads per game instead of just one.

The Coke Factor
"Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Monday announced his latest partnership with Coca-Cola: The soft drink giant will pay for 50,000 blue recycling carts for Chicago homes and in return gets to put images of Coke products on the lids of the familiar bins," the Tribune reports.

The part about the imagery went unmentioned at the mayor's press conference, the paper says. Embarrassed, Rahm?


"Asked then whether he could do more for children's health by limiting their access to sugary drinks, Emanuel said Coca-Cola's contributions were complementing his efforts to improve kids' lives. Emanuel's predecessor Richard Daley sits on Coke's board of directors."


"The mayor has said a small number of city workers with often manageable or preventable health issues are driving up costs for the whole city," the Tribune reported in 2011 when Emanuel touted his wellness program.


Also a non-starter; think of the lost tax revenue. (Translation: It's not all about the children.)

"Emanuel signed a series of executive orders banning political giving from lobbyists and contractors doing business with the city, part of his campaign pledge to move City Hall beyond the pay-to-play culture that has earned Chicago a national reputation," the Tribune reports.

"Government can no longer be an insider's game, serving primarily the lobbyists and well-connected," Emanuel said on the campaign trail.

"Yet as mayor, Emanuel is taking in campaign donations from business interests who need his administration to provide crucial approval for major real estate developments, including high-profile hotel projects in some of the city's biggest tourist areas."

Just another Chicago Coincidence.

"The mayor has instituted the highest ethical and transparency standards and does not accept contributions from entities that do business with the city," Emanuel communications director Sarah Hamilton wrote in an e-mail response to the Tribune.

Just entities seeking to do business with the city.

(And, oy, again with the e-mail. Really, Tribune?)


"A top political consultant to Emanuel said those donations do not influence the mayor."

So contributors are wasting their money?

"He does what he believes to be in the best interests of the city as a whole," said Emanuel adviser John Kupper. "He does not get involved in individual issues before the Landmarks Commission or other independent bodies."

He doesn't get involved in issues like Prentice Women's Hospital or Wrigley Field? Huh.

And tell me, Mr. Kupper, which bodies in Chicago are independent?


Bonus: Kupper is from AKPD, the sibling of ASGK.


The Beachwood Tip Line: Be the baller.


Posted on April 23, 2013

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