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The [Tuesday] Papers

"A $250 million corporate tax-break package aimed at keeping Chicago's financial exchanges and Sears from bolting Illinois wobbled out of a House committee Monday amid signs the measure faces legislative trouble," the Sun-Times reports.

"CME Group Inc., which owns the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and Sears Holdings Corp. would stand to gain $100 million in tax savings under the legislation, which is poised for a full House vote after advancing out of that chamber's Revenue and Finance Committee by a 6-0 vote. Democrats accounted for all of the 'yes' votes, while two GOP members voted 'present.'

"The plan, which also contains a $1 million tax break aimed at luring Broadway productions to Chicago's theater scene, was pared back from an earlier $850 million package. It provides more modest tax breaks for small businesses and for the working poor."

Maybe they'll lure Les Miserables here and the theater community can mourn the poor they have stiffed.


"House Republicans on the committee expressed their own qualms, saying the bill did not go far enough for small businesses and questioned why ruling Democrats simply didn't repeal the hike in income taxes that took effect last January."

Because then Democrats couldn't campaign against loopholes in the tax code for corporations and special interests that they themselves enacted!


"One Republican, Rep. Sandy Cole (R-Grayslake), went so far as to scold CME for not showing up at the hearing to answer questions from legislators despite the firm's threats to move if state lawmakers don't cut its $150 million state tax bill."

Maybe they were too busy threatening other states that they would move their and loot their treasury.


"Cole voted 'present' on the package."



"A CME spokesman declined comment on the company's absence."

In fact, the spokesman wouldn't even confirm the CME exists. "Just write out the check to Cash," he said.


"House Republican leader Tom Cross questioned how many more companies will come forward asking for tax breaks," the Tribune reports.

"If we do this tomorrow, who's going to be knocking on our door next week? Who's going to be knocking on our door in January? And everybody is going to say they've got a compelling case," Cross said.

You'd think that would be a sentiment every Democrat could get behind. You'd be wrong.


And any deal involving Sears should require the store to stop selling these.

Federal Judge Blasts Citigroup Settlement
Team Obama continues to ignore recidivist bank fraud.

The Legacy of Ruth Stone
And the legacy of Illinois upon her poetry.

Health Wealth
"As a long-time Chicago commodities trader, [Ken] Spriggs was shocked to discover that there's no standard to exchange patient data in health care," Forbes reports. "In finance, there's the financial information exchange; it's been the standard for swapping data for thirty years . . .

"Spriggs did go to Google Health to check out its personal health record, instead he found a blog post announcing that the company was shutting it down. He didn't bother looking up Microsoft's HealthVault.

"It took four arduous months for Spriggs to collect his data in the form of 600 loose papers, many handwritten, from doctors and hospitals in Chicago, Fort Collins, Co., and Charleston, S.C.; he just finished. Up until 1996, it is based on his recollection.

"By mapping out his drug prescriptions, Spriggs made three key observations, none of his doctors had made, or bothered to share."

Naked Eye
"Wyd Eye Software, a family-owned business in northern Illinois, has launched a new anti-sexting application that allows parents to monitor the texts and photos their children transmit on their mobile phones," the company says in a press release.


Franks Spanx
"Coming on the heals of the successful million-dollar renovation of the house next to the Obamas in Hyde Park, General Contractor Foster Build is moving on to the 'Bobby Franks' mansion in nearby Kenwood," Curbed Chicago reports.

"In what promises to be a much larger but far smoother renovation, the former home of 'crime of the century' victim Bobby Franks, kidnapped and murdered in 1924, will be renovated head-to-toe. The property had been owned by The DeLena Day School, which closed in 1991. Vacant ever since, the school sold the house at auction in 2008 for $484,000."

Bootleg Wright
"A house designed by famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright is on the market in the Chicago suburbs for a cool $1.4 million," the Daily Mail reports.

"The Robert G. Emmond House, built in 1892, is considered one of Mr Wright's 'bootleg' houses because he designed it in violation of his contract with a Chicago architecture firm."

Ridiculous Chicago Guitar Player . . .
. . . Shreds The Legends.

They Call Theo Epstein The Seeker
Ridiculously, he also plays guitar.

Richland Rogue
"The only daughter of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, Svetlana Peters, who denounced communism after a Cold War defection worthy of a novel, has died in Wisconsin, authorities said on Monday," Reuters reports.

Turow Guilty
"With the success of mystery shows like C.S.I. and The Mentalist, why not try and bring back a staple of the '70s and '80s TV scene, the mystery movie of the week?" Brian Tallerico writes for

"Such is the thinking behind TNT's programmers, as the network will debut a whopping four stand-alone mystery movies in the next month, starting with tonight's debut of Scott Turow's Innocent, starring Bill Pullmanz, Marcia Gay Harden, Alfred Molina, and Richard Schiff.

"Despite the stellar cast, this is a limp, dull effort that will only serve to remind viewers why they don't make TV movies like this often any more."

They Had A Doctor Who Fest In Lombard
Special guest appearance by Inspector Spacetime.

Chicago Christmas Ship
"The Duluth-based Coast Guard Cutter Alder is taking on a new role this week, re-enacting the voyage of the legendary 'Christmas Ship' on Lake Michigan," the Duluth News Tribune reports.

"The Alder departed Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., this morning with a load of Christmas trees, bound for Chicago, according to a Coast Guard news release. After the Alder arrives in Chicago on Friday morning, the trees will be distributed to low-income families.

"The journey is a re-enactment of the voyage of the original Christmas Ship, the schooner Rouse Simmons, which brought Christmas trees and wreaths from the Upper Peninsula to Chicago for many years. The Rouse Simmons, with its load of Christmas trees, sank with all hands in a Lake Michigan storm in 1912."

Jail Bait
"A man who was stabbed in his jail cell because another inmate could open his door without a key can sue corrections officials individually, a federal judge ruled," Courthouse News Service reports. "Byron Brown has spent over two years as a pretrial detainee of the Cook County Jail.

"In August 2009, a guard served Brown breakfast in his cell at 3:30 a.m., then supposedly locked and shut the cell door. Brown ate and went back to sleep.

"At approximately 4 a.m., an unknown detainee 'popped' open the door of Brown's cell and stabbed Brown in the head and forearm with a homemade knife. Brown required staples and stitches to close the wounds and now has permanent scars.

"He sued Cook County Sherriff Thomas Dart, Cook County Jail Superintendent Michael Miller and Cook County Jail Executive Director Salvador Godinez in January 2011 for violating the 14th Amendment by failing to protect him from harm while he was in custody.

"It was allegedly 'widespread and common knowledge' throughout the jail that numerous cell doors were 'in a state of disrepair.' Specifically, Department of Justice officials inspected the condition of the jail and reported the malfunctioning doors to Cook County employees, according to the complaint."


The Beachwood Tip Line: Widespread.


Posted on November 29, 2011

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