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The [Tuesday] Papers

By Steve Rhodes

First, a correction to my post yesterday about the mayor skipping town for Switzerland on Sunday night. Obviously that wasn't the case, seeing as how he greeted President Obama at the airport on Monday and then met with union leaders to discuss layoffs.

How did such a mistake happen? Well, you can't believe everything you read on the Internet when it comes from a blogger in their basement mainstream news source like ABC7, which reported that "Mayor Daley was on his way to Switzerland Sunday night, along with the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid team."

Not to bust their balls, because we all make mistakes. Just sayin'.

But the curious thing is that the ABC7 report came with photographic evidence; there's someone who appears to be the mayor at a location that seems to be an airport! And there's even a timestamp: 10:18.


Maybe Daley was just seeing the Chicago 2016 entourage off.

Or maybe they just used a file photo.

Or maybe Daley sent a stunt double to that union meeting.

(I did check other articles, btw; none specified a departure date and the Sun-Times report sounded like Daley was en route.)

Anyway, I regret the error.

Family Affair
My aunt and uncle from Minnesota drove through town yesterday and stopped to have lunch with me. My uncle used to be in the Minnesota legislature, and I kept thinking, gee, if I partnered up with a pal of his and got a piece of state pension business including a guarantee of $8 million in management fees, would I keep it to myself or tell him all about it?

In other words, I tried to imagine myself as Robert Vanecko and my uncle as Richard M. Daley.

Now, I only see my Minnesota relatives once a year at best. Daley and Vanecko are reportedly part of a tight-knit clan.

See what I mean?

Anyway, Fran Spielman turns herself around today and pretty much calls the mayor a liar. Apparently her previous reports on an anguished mayor who tried to do the right thing are no longer operational.

Patti Cake
Patti Blagojevich has done a good job making sure she makes all of her talking points on camera during I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!, which I nonetheless find irresistible.

Last night she was "overheard" on camera saying "[Prosecutors] squeeze people to say things that aren't true. It's a terrible thing. They get people that have done things wrong and they tell them, 'Would you be comfortable saying this?'"

Saying that cooperating witnesses are lying to save their own skin is one of the oldest defenses in the game, and it rarely works. It didn't work for George Ryan, and it certainly won't work for Rod Blagojevich, particularly given corroborative evidence that includes wiretaps.

And I'm not sure where this comes from, but apparently Patti said she could get seven to 10 years in prison herself. Either she was just offering up a ballpark estimate she already knows from talks with the G what exactly what she'll eventually be indicted for.

She also acknowledged being very aware that in about a year, the feds will come to her and ask her to flip on her husband. I used to think that was possible, but unless she's the next Meryl Streep, she seems to be all in with Rod.

Doubting Thomases
I know the Sun-Times endorsed Todd Stroger but I almost did a spit-take this morning when I saw an S-T editorial titled "Cole Scandal Raises Doubts About Stroger."

To be fair, it could have just been poor word choice. Maybe "Fuels" doubts is what they meant; or better yet, "Confirms" doubts.

But it doesn't read that way.

"The more we learn about the Tony Cole scandal, the more we're forced to question the credibility of Cook County Board President Todd Stroger," the editorial said.

They're also starting to wonder if those WMDs will ever be found.


"Cole said that when he worked for the county, Stroger often invited him to play baskeball at the East Bank Club, political events and for chats 'about life and serving and helping the people'."

And that was just during the workday. At night when they were off-the-clock they really kicked it.

Playground Politics
"House Speaker Michael Madigan was among those invited to go on the Turkey trip, but an aide now says he will skip the trip if necessary," the Sun-Times reports.

"Madigan spokesman Steve Brown refused to identify the sponsor of the trip, telling the Sun-Times to ask the governor's office.

"'I'd call whoever told you about it and ask those questions because I don't have that information,' Brown said. 'I'm told Quinn was telling people that story. I'd call them back and get the rest of the details.'

"Told of Brown's statement, [Quinn spokesman Bob] Reed said, 'I don't have any comment. It's not like the governor to talk about things like that'."

In a better universe, Madigan, Brown, Quinn and Reed would have then been sent to bed without dinner.

Rare Opportunity
See a live Chicago Republican.

Obama's Smoking Spin
I don't give a shit if you smoke, just tell the friggin' truth! Sheesh.

Durbin's Stock Schlock
He talked to Chuck.

Classic Advice
How to properly fly the Cubs "W" flag.


The Beachwood Tip Line: Fly your freak flag.


Posted on June 16, 2009

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