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The [Thursday] Papers

1. Rahm's Secrets Spending.

"Mayor Rahm Emanuel has spent $120,000 in campaign money on legal fees in response to a pair of lawsuits that alleged he violated the state's open records act by refusing to release communications about city business he conducted through personal e-mail accounts and text messages," the Tribune reported in July.

"That $120,000 in campaign money does not include additional expenditures the city's Law Department likely has made on outside counsel and staff hours in the open records cases."

2. Madigan: Pro-Puppy, Pro-Sunshine.

"[I]t turns out Madigan doesn't hate puppies or sunshine, the speaker's spokesman said.

"He thinks they're very important parts of society," Steve Brown said. "And there's no real record of him hating puppies and sunshine."

3. Lost In Cost.

"As Chicago prepares to handle another protest that could shut down a major roadway, the total cost of the last big demonstration has hit at least $323,000," the Sun-Times reports.

Missing from the article: How much the city is paying in police brutality settlements, as well as, say, the cost of whatever the police would be doing otherwise would there not be a protest. Or, let's say, how much that SWAT operation cost or what the Laquan McDonald investigations are costing taxpayers. For that matter, you might as well write about how much a city council meeting costs - as if democracy is too expensive for us and ought to be curtailed.

4. Moe Finally Ceases And Desists.

"When Maureen 'Moe' Clancy opened Moe's Tavern [in Avondale] eight years ago, she had it painted with characters from The Simpsons in homage to the TV cartoon's saloon where bartender Moe gets pranked and Springfielders get tanked," the Sun-Times reports.

Within months, she got a letter from Fox studios, warning Moe's to cease and desist using the cartoons.

Ms. Clancy went along - to a point: She slightly altered the hair on the Simpsons' characters. And she renamed her version of the Flaming Moe cocktail - featured in episode 45 - the 'Flaming Cease and Desist' . . .

Ms. Clancy, 56, died of breast cancer July 27 at the Edgewater home of her parents, William and Mary Ann Clancy.

I wrote a little bit about Moe's Tavern last December.

5. Harvard's Clout List.

"Harvard says it also considers 'tips,' or admissions advantages, for some applicants. The plaintiffs say the college gives tips to five groups: racial and ethnic minorities; legacies, or the children of Harvard or Radcliffe alumni; relatives of a Harvard donor; the children of staff or faculty members; and recruited athletes," the New York Times reports.

"It also helps to secure a spot on the 'dean's interest list' or the 'director's interest list.' These are not the familiar lists from academic deans recognizing students with good grades. These lists are named for the dean and director of admissions, and include the names of candidates who are of interest to donors or have connections to Harvard, according to the court papers."

How Chicago. And there's more:

"The plaintiffs' lawyer asked whether the bigger the financial contribution from a donor, the more it would affect the development office's rating of someone on the dean's list related to that donor. 'It would tend to go that way,' Mr. Fitzsimmons replied.

"Court filings also explore Harvard's little-known Z-list, a sort of back door to admissions.

"Harvard is reticent about the Z-list, and much of the information pertaining to it in court papers has been redacted. The list consists of applicants who are borderline academically, the plaintiffs say, but whom Harvard wants to admit. They often have connections. They may be 'Z-ed' (yes, a verb) off the wait-list, and are guaranteed admission on the condition that they defer for a year.

"About 50 to 60 students a year were admitted through the Z-list for the Classes of 2014 to 2019. They were for the most part white, often legacies or students on the dean's or director's list, the plaintiffs say."


Previously in affirmative action and legacy admissions:

* The Truth Behind Jared Kushner's Acceptance Into Harvard.

* Jared Kushner Isn't Alone: Universities Still Give Rich And Connected Applicants A Leg.

* Harvard Students And DOJ Will Find Answers Elusive In Quest To Learn About Admissions Decisions.

* Item: Wildcat Strike.

* Stanford-Bound Chicago Teen Pens Defiant Open Letter To Dentist Who Shamed Him For Affirmative Action.

* Affirmative Asian-American Action.

* Trump Targets Affirmative Action To Stimulate Mid-Term Turnout.


See also:
* Harvard Legacy Admit Rate At 30 Percent.

* Legacy Admissions Favor Wealth Over Merit.

* How The Fight Against Affirmative Action At Harvard Threatens Wealthy Whites.



* The CPS Clout Lottery.

* Arne Duncan's CPS Clout List.

* University of Madigan.

* Here's Bruce Rauner Lying About How His Daughter Got Into Prestigious Payton High School.

6. That's Obama!

"In addition to endorsing Democrat Gavin Newsom (no surprise) for governor, former President Barack Obama stepped into a Bay Area Assembly race Wednesday by endorsing first-time candidate Buffy Wicks over Richmond City Councilwoman Jovanka Beckles," CALmatters reports.

"You might figure Wicks' credentials would suffice for one the state's most liberal districts. She is a veteran of organized labor's campaign against Wal-Mart. But the National Democratic Socialists of America endorsed Beckles, as did the California Teachers Associations and California Labor Federation.

"Steve Smith of the Labor Fed: 'It primarily boils down to the fact that Beckles is known and has been a solid vote for working people . . . '

"Money matters: Beckles enters the general election with $25,000 in the bank to Wicks' $101,000. Wicks has received donations from Sacramento players including the California Medical and Dental associations."


Obama endorsed six candidates in Illinois for some reason, like, he doesn't support the entire Democratic slate? Only vote for these six?

7. Mueller Negotiating With Trump.

"Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicated this week that he is willing to reduce the number of questions his investigators would pose to President Donald Trump in an interview, renewing negotiations with Trump's lawyers about a presidential sit-down after an extended standoff, according to two people briefed on the negotiations," the Washington Post reports.

"In a letter sent Monday, Mueller's team suggested that investigators would reduce the number of questions about potential obstruction of justice they would ask in person and instead seek some answers in written form, according to one person. The special counsel is still seeking to press Trump on topics related to obstruction, including some questions about the firing of then-FBI Director James B. Comey, but not as many as Mueller originally sought."

Honest question: Do prosecutors negotiate these kind of interviews with anyone other than the president? I understand that the goal is to get an interview without having to open the legal Pandora's box about whether a president can be subpoeaned. But shouldn't prosecutors do their job with equal zeal whether the subject is president or a pauper?

These stories just make me uncomfortable.

Then again, Mueller probably only needs a couple questions to get someone like Trump all twisted up in a perjury trap of his own making.

8. NO!!! Iconic Rockford Clock Tower Demolished!!!

You might as well demolish Cheap Trick.


Wait, Rick Nielsen is part of the partnership doing the dirty deed.

Oh well, the truth is Cheap Trick is the most overrated underrated band of all-time. (h/t: Marty Gangler)

9. Illinois Paper Clips On The Move.

"An Illinois-based office supply company will shift paper clip manufacturing from Wisconsin to Mississippi, investing nearly $1 million and adding 29 jobs," WREG-TV reports.

The company, Acco, recently reported a $25 million profit in its second quarter.

Acco also repurchased 3.3 million shares of stock, which is what many companies are doing to exploit their Trump tax break instead of raising wages.

Acco chairman, president and CEO Boris Elisman's compensation in 2017 was about $5 million. His wife is a lawyer in Lake Forest.

10. Reporting on Medicare-For-All Makes Media Forget How Math Works.


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A sampling.




The Beachwood Tronc Line: Fake your death.


Posted on August 2, 2018

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