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The [Thursday] Papers

News you can abuse.

1. Quinn To Sign Medical Marijuana Bill Today.

Now if we can get him, Madigan and Cullerton to sign up, we'll have this pension mess solved before the weekend's out.


Too easy? At least I didn't make a munchies joke.

2. Illinois Lottery Manager Falls Short Of Revenue Goals For Second Year.

State seeks amicable resolution of this most distasteful matter.

3. Jesse Jackson Jr. Files Final House Disclosure.

He likes Nickelback.

4. South Side Doctor At Daley's Side For Six Months, Source Says.

Or: Source We Find Necessary To Attribute This Information To Confirms Story That Shia Kapos Broke In Crain's And Was Already Picked Up By DNAinfo Chicago Among Others.

5. Absent Pension Reform, City Faces Record $1 Billion Hole.

Haven't we seen this movie before?

And don't we already know how it ends?

6. The Grandstand Governor.

"A day after Illinois legislative leaders sued Governor Pat Quinn for vetoing lawmakers' salaries, the governor continued lashing out at the General Assembly for not passing a pension overhaul," WUIS reports.

Quinn has consistently tried to portray himself as being engaged in the negotiations over pensions. But members of the legislative committee trying to come up with a compromise say that's not true.

It's been a constant refrain from the governor, saying he and his staff stand ready, "day and night," to work with the 10-member conference committee trying to find a way to reduce Illinois' massive unfunded pension liabilities.

"My staff members are there all the time, providing information, negotiating with them," Quinn said Wednesday at a Chicago news conference. "My budget director is meeting with them all the time with our specific suggestions, ideas."

But the last time Quinn's budget director met with the committee was nearly a month ago - before the governor nixed lawmakers salaries. Until Wednesday.

Pension committee chairman Sen. Kwame Raoul, D-Chicago, says he met with Quinn's budget director Jerry Stermer Wednesday morning - for the first time since July 8th.

"The notion that there's been contact all the time is an exaggeration at best," Raoul said in a telephone interview.

In other words, a lie.

But even after meeting with Stermer, Raoul says he still doesn't know how much money a pension overhaul would have to save to be acceptable to Quinn.

"There hasn't been any indication from the governor's office."


You mean Pat Quinn isn't "honest as the day is long" after all?


Unless you mean it this way.


What if Quinn withheld legislators' paychecks until gay marriage was passed? Would that be constitutional? Or until they "finished the job" of re-electing him governor? It's madness.

7. Investigation Finds Fresh Evidence Of CIA Drone Strikes On Rescuers.

And there's nothing funny about it. In fact, it's heinous - and criminal.

8. Also Not Funny:

"National Security Agency officials violated secret federal court orders authorizing the daily collection of domestic email and telephone data from hundreds of millions of Americans, according to previously top-secret documents made public Wednesday by the Obama administration," McClatchy reports.

"The documents didn't disclose specific details of the violations. But they said that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court imposed temporary restrictions on the programs after it learned of the violations until it was satisfied the NSA had revamped its procedures to conform to court requirements.

"Several senior members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, when approached about the breaches, said they were aware of them but declined to answer questions about their nature.

"I don't know why you need to ask me," said the panel's chairwoman, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

Because the president welcomed the debate?

9. More Manning Malpractice.

"[Retired Brigadier General Robert] Carr testified that the leaks allowed Taliban militants in Afghanistan to track down a citizen of that country who had worked with U.S. intelligence," Reuters reports.

"The Taliban killed him and tied him to the disclosures," Carr said.

"He said that would deter other intelligence sources."


Well, that makes sense - except that it isn't true.

"The largest intelligence leak in U.S. history, disclosed by Pfc. Bradley Manning to WikiLeaks, did not lead to the deaths of any military sources, the government's first sentencing witness testified Wednesday," Courthouse News Service - among others - reports.


Guess which story the Tribune carried . . .

(Now with a lame correction appended.)


The Sun-Times carried this AP story in which the way Carr undermines his own credibility is played softly. He's a brigadier general, after all - and power is always privileged by the MSM.


For example, the report could have lead with "A retired brigadier general who claimed Bradley Manning's leaks caused the death of an Afghan villager was unable to actually find that villager's name among those in documents supposedly responsible for his death, he admitted Wednesday."


One might also point out that any "fractured relationships" caused by the leaks, as claimed by U.S. officials, was merely the result of our ostensible partners learning the truth about our policies and actions - and therefore blame rested with our diplomats, our military and our political leaders, and not with the messenger, whom the media is fond of saying should not be blamed for the message.


Telling the truth about America has become an increasingly hazardous business under this president.

10. White House On Afghan Massacre: It's A Secret.

"The silence leaves many unanswered questions about what may have been one of the worst war crimes since the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, including why previous American investigations were shut down, and how evidence was destroyed in the case."

11. The Political Odds.

Updated for educational and recreational purposes.


The Beachwood Tip Line: Educational and recreational.


Posted on August 1, 2013

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