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The [Thursday] Papers

"As Chicagoans continue to struggle with stagnant unemployment, and threatened cuts to essential services, families will be coming together for a National Day of Action declaring an 'Economic Emergency for the 99%,'" Stand Up! Chicago says in a statement released this morning.

"The Jobs Not Cuts Day of Action, culminating with a large rally and march beginning at Thompson Center Plaza, is one of a series of over 30 protests across the nation to be held on November 17.

"The action is a continuation of the Take Back Chicago Week of Action, which brought 7,000 protesters together outside the Art Institute's Modern Wing on October 10 to take back the jobs, homes and schools taken from working families by the financial institutions that wrecked our economy.

"The Day of Action comes on the eve of congressional Supercommittee recommendations for more job-killing budget cuts, cuts that will disproportionately impact the city's and the country's most vulnerable populations including senior citizens and unemployed veterans."


I might add that the action takes place a day after the budget of multimillionaire former investment banker Rahm Emanuel was unanimously approved by a Chicago City Council that spent hours extolling the greatness of Our Little Leader while "spreading the pain" between a variety of services for the poor and leaving their chief financial patrons alone.

For example, even as every single alderman put his or her name to cutting mental health services, child care, library hours, workforce development and front-line workers of all kinds, news broke of another corporate giveaway:

"Lawson Products, a distributor of maintenance, repair and operations supplies, is receiving a $7.8 million tax incentives package to move its headquarters to Chicago, it said Wednesday," the Tribune reports.

Here's my favorite part:

"The company would not say whether the distribution consolidation will result in layoffs. Roughly 120 people are employed at its distribution centers.

"The state incentives package is contingent upon 450 jobs being retained. Lawson currently employs 520 workers in Illinois."

And, of course, negotiations continue to see just how much taxpayers will give away to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Sears.

"The tax incentives include CME Group and other mercantile exchanges, which deal in the financial markets, in Illinois getting a total of $85 million in tax breaks every year; Sears Corp. getting a tax credit of $15 million annually for the next decade; and about $40 million annually in research and development tax credits and other incentives for other businesses," Illinois Statehouse News reports.

Tired of being nickel-and-dimed (now $75 for parking in a neighborhood zone!) to subsidize corporate payoffs? Or to support the crony capitalism we're so familiar with here in Illinois? That's what this is about.


"Unemployed workers, struggling families and other members of the 99%, including Occupy Chicago and members of the Stand Up! Chicago coalition will be calling for real job creation, protesting proposed job-killing budget cuts, and demanding that big banks take responsibility for wrecking the economy."

The deets:

3:30 PM
Rally Assembles at Thompson Center Plaza

3:35 PM
Program Commences, Speakers Include: Steve Hunley, Master of Ceremonies, Pastor of Complete in Christ Ministries; Idella Smith, Grandmother Raising Grandchild and Childcare Consumer; Alfonso Pulido, Unemployed Machine Operator; Urszula Domaradzki, Janitor; Kenny Borst, Visually Impaired Unemployed Person,;Will Attig, Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran; Ruth Long, Senior Citizen

4:00 PM
March Leaves from Thompson Center to LaSalle Street Bridge

4:15 PM
Marchers Arrive at LaSalle Street Bridge

5:00 PM
Protestors Meet at LaSalle and Jackson to Join Occupy Chicago March

WHERE: Thompson Center Plaza. Intersection of W. Randolph St. and S. Clark St., then proceeding to LaSalle Street Bridge.


From MoveOn:

"On Thursday in Chicago and in over 325 cities nationwide, we, the 99%, are rallying for a national day of action to show that they cannot and will not silence our demands for change. It's time for massive crowds to hit the streets as one united movement if we're going to stop job-killing cuts by Congress and send a clear message to the 1%.

"Can you join MoveOn, Rebuild the Dream, Occupy Wall Street, SEIU, AFL-CIO, and many more for our 'We are the 99%' day of action?"


All these years wondering where the outrage was . . . well, it's here. How hard is that to understand?


From Dennis Kucinich:

"Nighttime in America

"Dear Friends,

"At 1:00 AM Tuesday night, after two months of peaceful protest against the people and institutions that wrecked our economy, police officers under direct orders from the Mayor of New York City raided Occupy Wall Street and evicted protestors from Zuccotti Park.

"The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees all of us - including these protestors - the right to peacefully assemble and express our views. But over the past week, similar nighttime raids executed by mayors in Oakland, Portland and Atlanta have cast a dangerous shadow over our liberties.

"Today, I am asking you to join me in standing with Occupy protests everywhere and demanding that the Mayors of America respect the First Amendment and the rights of our citizens to assemble and express themselves. Click here to sign the petition and demand that the mayors of America respect the Constitution and the rights of Occupy Wall Street to exist.

"Right now, corporations are spending unlimited amounts of money to influence our election system under the guise of free speech. Yet when people like you and me gather in parks across America to protest this broken system, we are deemed a threat by local mayors.

"Stand with me, Occupy Wall Street and all Americans who wish to defend our disappearing liberties in demanding that America's mayors respect the Constitution and rights guaranteed to all Americans in the First Amendment. Sign the petition today.


The simultaneous crackdown of local occupiers was coordinated between mayors - all Democrats? - and the Obama administration. Thanks, Barack!

"In particular, the FBI reportedly advised on press relations, with one presentation suggesting that any moves to evict protesters be coordinated for a time when the press was the least likely to be present," Rick Ellis reports for the Examiner.


From Bill Moyers:

"Barack Obama criticizes bankers as 'fat cats,' then invites them to dine at a pricey New York restaurant where the tasting menu runs to $195 a person.

"That's now the norm, and they get away with it. The President has raised more money from banks, hedge funds, and private equity managers than any Republican candidate, including Mitt Romney."


This was Wednesday:

"As many as 60 students from North Park University, Chicago, will gather at the North Park Friendship Center to pray and urge the U.S. Congress to maintain federal funding for nutrition programs that provide food to people in need. The Rev. Jim Wallis, president and chief executive officer of Sojourners, Washington, D.C., will join the students at the gathering, organized by the North Park Justice League.

"The North Park Friendship Center maintains a food pantry that serves 450 families each month, and it also provides donated clothing, household goods, and other services. The center is one of 650 pantries, soup kitchens and shelters in Cook County supplied by the Greater Chicago Food Depository, which serves the needs of more than 140,000 people in Cook County each week. Significant cuts in federal nutrition programs could affect tens of thousands of people in the Chicago area who depend on the programs for food assistance.

"Similar actions are being coordinated across the country by Sojourners, the nation's largest network of progressive Christians. Flagship 'Circles' will be held in NYC, Chicago, Orange County CA, Portland OR and other smaller circles will be in another dozen cities."


"An examination of President Obama's decision to reject tougher smog standards shows how the interests of his re-election campaign are influencing White House policy," the New York Times reports.


"Administration officials double as Obama campaign speakers," the Los Angeles Times reports.


We sick an' tired of-a your ism-skism game.


The Beachwood Tip Line: Stand up.


Posted on November 17, 2011

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