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The [Thursday] Papers

"Lawyers in a class-action case accuse insurance giant State Farm of defrauding the Illinois Supreme Court by covering up its support of the Republican candidate in the most expensive state judicial race in U.S. history," McClatchy-Tribune Information Services reports.

"Those attorneys, including former television star and U.S. senator Fred Thompson, allege State Farm lied and mislead the court, hiding its 'extraordinary support of Justice (Lloyd) Karmeier's campaign and to thwart Justice Karmeier's disqualification.'

"A petition was filed last week, asking the court to reconsider its decision to void a $1 billion verdict against State Farm. The petition is based on an investigation by former FBI agent Michael Reece."

Like a good fundraiser, State Farm is there.

Outside The Lines
"Illinois may be swimming in red ink, but that hasn't stopped lawmakers and other public officials from using state tax dollars to print and distribute coloring books," Lee Enterprises reports.

"Along with offering kids the opportunity to color things like the official state snack - popcorn - and the official state prairie grass - Big Bluestem - the booklets also prominently feature the name, contact information and picture of the lawmaker or state official.

"In some instances, children can even color in a likeness of their local legislator."

For example . . .

Businesses wishing to relocate here are also encouraged to color in a dollar amount on drawings of blank checks.

Blago Beat
"Federal prosecutors argue Rod Blagojevich could serve 30 years to life in prison, sources say - a sentencing range that will be bitterly disputed by the former governor's defense lawyers," the Sun-Times reports.

Really? George Ryan 6 1/2 years. Sounds like "sources" are trying to prep the media frame.

Obama Drama
"It's open season on President Barack Obama - and that's just from members of his own party," Politico reports.

"With frustration and disappointment mounting from stinging defeats in Tuesday's two special elections and over Obama's jobs plan, the media is filled on Thursday with Democrats on the record publicly questioning and doubting the president and some of his policies, and a few even unleashing biting criticism."

Also from Politico today:

* Obama's Blue-State Blues: "In Democratic strongholds from Vermont to California - not to mention New York City, where the president helped sink his party's nominee in Tuesday's special election - Obama isn't quite tanking, but he's moving unmistakably in the wrong direction."

* Carville Wants W.H. Firings: "In a CNN column, former Clinton adviser James Carville says it's time for Barack Obama to 'panic,' and suggests how the president might start."

. . . Or Hardly Working?
"Ever since Google agreed to buy Motorola Mobility Holdings for $12.5 billion last month, the deal has attracted a lot of attention," Footnoted reports. "As we footnoted a month ago, Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha is set to walk away with more than $66 million once the deal closes. And as the NY Times' DealBook reported yesterday, the deal was negotiated very quickly and Google raised its own initial bid, even without other third-party suitors involved.

"But there are other fascinating details about the deal that we discovered after putting on the scuba gear and diving in to the preliminary merger proxy that Motorola Mobility filed late Tuesday. Most of these involve the astronomical fees, for doing what seems like very little work. Let's just say that there's probably a few I-bankers who are probably buying very nice thank you gifts for all those special people in their lives."


"Five men appeared in DuPage County bond court Wednesday accused of robbing a Naperville gas station of iced tea, Cheetos and cigarettes," TribLocal Naperville reports.


Steal a little and they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you king.

Fault Line
"Notices of mortgage default, the first step in the home foreclosure process, jumped 25 percent in Illinois last month, putting the threat of additional strain on local housing markets," the Tribune reports.

State China
"Gov. Pat Quinn departs Friday for an eight-day trade mission to China, leading a delegation of 30 politicians, academics, business and union leaders in what his office is billing as the first overseas trip of its kind by an Illinois governor since 2002," the Tribune reports.

"Behind Canada and Mexico, China is the state's third leading country for exports. China purchased more than $3 billion worth of products from Illinois in 2010, helping boost the state's exports by nearly 20 percent from the year before. In all, Illinois sold nearly $50 billion in goods to countries across the world last year, according to the state's Office of Trade and Investment.

"But Quinn wants more, saying that building relationships with other countries is key to keeping Illinoisans employed at home."

And child labor employed abroad.

"They have a lot of mouths to feed there, a lot of animals as well," Quinn said.

And a lot of people treated like animals. So a terrific market.

"We have to understand that our customers in places like China, we want to have good relations with them."

Plus, it's a captive market!

"Also among those scheduled to go on the China trip are Democratic state Sens. Kwame Raoul, Mattie Hunter and Tony Munoz, all of Chicago; John Coli, president of Teamsters Joint Council 25; Daniel Lynch, managing director of corporate and government affairs at United Airlines; Lawrence M. Kaplan, president and CEO of NAVTEQ Corp.; and Sanford M. Stein of law firm Quarles & Brady."

Representatives from Human Rights Watch Chicago were not invited.

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The Blue & Orange Kool-Aid Report
Oh yeah!

The Erie-LaSalle Body Shop
Lifetime warranty.

The Les Paul Guitar That Debuted In Chicago
The Fretless Wonder they called Black Beauty.

From The Son Of Svengoolie Vault
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Carl's Cubs Mailbag
Wrath of the Table Saw.


The Beachwood Tip Line: Wrathful.


Posted on September 15, 2011

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