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The [Thursday] Papers

"Never give up on the White Sox!" Richard M. Daley said last night at The Cell in a pregame ceremony honoring his mayoralty. "Have faith in the White Sox!"


"I just told the coaching staff Mayor Daley never will forget his day here, it was very special," manager Ozzie Guillen said. "He left in the third inning. Wow."

(h/t: The Score)

Rahm's Confession
"[Obama] is willing to do unpopular things, the necessary things to keep this country moving forward. I have great admiration for his determination, his grit, his willingness to not do the politically easy thing, to do the tough things," Emanuel said. "Sometimes I would advise him to do the politically easier thing and he rejected that advice because it was not good for the country in the long term."

Let's just take this at face value for the moment. Didn't Rahm just confess to choosing politics over the good of the country? Why should we expect anything different from him as mayor?

Birthday B.S.
"When I come to Chicago," Obama said last night, "when I travel across the country, I know we can't be stopped."

Until I get back to Washington.

Pivot Play
Obama has pivoted to jobs so often they had to refloor the Oval Office.

"[A]fter seven swivels, I'd say you are no longer pivoting," Derek Thompson writes for the Atlantic. "You are spinning in place."

Bunny Boy
"The SEC complaint said that Mr. Marovitz traded in Playboy stock despite being warned by his wife and Playboy's general counsel not to do so," Crain's reports.

"'In 1998, Hefner made clear to Marovitz, both personally and through Playboy's general counsel, that she expected him to keep any information he learned from her confidential and not use the information to trade shares of Playboy," papers filed Wednesday with the U.S. District Court in Chicago show."

So Christie Hefner had to not only tell her husband personally but through her company's lawyer not to use their pillow talk for illicit financial gain. Huh. I wonder what that marriage is like.


"Mr. Marovitz has no comment on the settlement, but he wishes to note that he lost a substantial amount of money on his investments in Playboy stock over the years," his lawyer said.

My wife's company sucks!


In other criminal justice news, John Doe pleaded for leniency on Wednesday arguing that he actually lost money ripping off that 7-11 because there wasn't enough money in the register to cover the cost of his gun, mask and gas to get there.


Better than parody: "Emanuel: Firing Won't Solve Fire Prevention Bureau Corruption"

Make sure you steal just a little less from taxpayers than it would cost to lose your job.


Memo to Rahm: Isn't firing people for egregious misdeeds the best way to change the culture? Geez, are you taking lessons from Cubs management?


Maybe Rahm would like teaches more if they padded their expense reports. Oh wait, they don't have expense reports. They just go buy school supplies for their students on their own.

Valerie's Song
"Senior White House Adviser Valerie Jarrett said she is among the aides making phone calls to Democrats to rally support," the National Journal reports. "Many of the members of Congress she has called were basing their initial opposition on early, incomplete reports of what is in the deal, she said. They were 'initially skeptical,' Jarrett said on MSNBC, 'but when they see the details of the package, they're becoming increasingly comfortable.'"

So she's saying that the Democrats who voted on the bill don't even know what's in it? They're just becoming aware of the salient details now?


"A senior administration official who asked not to be named made the same point to reporters at the White House. Much of the initial criticism, he said, was based on 'a very inaccurate version of the deal that was reported by a lot of folks.'"

So the public doesn't know what's in the bill?


"He added, 'As we make the case to Democrats there will be a very different view of us.' On Sunday night that official said, 'Every quote you have from a Democrat today is based on most likely very inaccurate information.'"

Again, the votes of Democrats were based on inaccurate information?


Deeds vs. Words: "It takes a special kind of political courage - and a different kind of politician - to stare down the possibility of being a one-term president and not blink," Carol Marin writes.

"In 2008, Barack Obama pledged he was that different kind of politician."

And despite a record that showed otherwise, the media believed it.


Posted 8/1/2011, 2:36:26pm by Komondorok:

A better title would be The Humbling of The New Yorker. It wasn't so long ago that the New Yorker and other Obamaphiles were drinking the Kool-Aid and parading their virtue, trumpeting the Battle Hymn of the Republic, while suppressing urgent caveats and alarms, that the midst of financial crisis and botched wars was not the moment for a feel-good exercise, and that this callow freshman senator would be lunch for the mandarins of Congress, not to mention the despots of the world. Well, it's come to pass. That fawning cover, depicting the Lincoln Memorial under the light of the "O" moon, was hard to stomach for this Democrat. Equally hard to stomach are the likes of Cassidy and Hertzberg, who share responsibility for putting in office the guy they now piously excoriate.


Welcome aboard, everyone!

Democrats Hate Democracy
Conventional wisdom: Obama holds the left hostage. They will have no choice but to vote to re-elect him.

Perhaps. But boy have the Democrats constricted democracy.

Why can't there be a primary challenge? After all, primaries aren't cancelled for parties with incumbent presidents. The process is there for a reason.

But no, no room for democracy here! Don't you dare!

Only one name allowed on the ballot.


This reminds of Democrats - and their pundit pals - who couldn't understand why Hillary Clinton remained in the race when the math seemed so difficult during the 2008 primary. As if multiple candidates have never gone to the convention and fought for the nomination. That, too, is part of the process. Democracy!

Let it flow.

Cubs Shrubs
"It's crazy that Rodrigo Lopez or Ramon Ortiz are on the roster," Adam from the Loop asks ESPN's Bruce Levine. "Both have pitched ok, but at this point in the season, shouldn't Coleman and Carpenter be getting these innings in preparation for 2012?"

Levine: "Just had the same discussion with a member of the Cubs. Probably same answer I gave you on Quade with Colvin. He's torn between player development and keeping the team from losing 100 games. Some direction from the top again would be beneficial."

There's no good reason why avoiding 100 losses should take precedence over preparing this team for next year. Cubs fans understand, believe me.


Paul Sullivan on Tom Ricketts: "He's seldom available to talk."

So much for a face of the franchise and a fan as owner.


Carl's Cubs Mailbag: You Have Herpes

The Truth About Paywalls
They don't work.

Burke's Bill
"The tab to Chicago taxpayers for providing a Chicago Police Department bodyguard detail to Ald. Edward M. Burke? Almost $600,000 per year," the BGA has found.

Maybe it's time privatize Ed's security detail.


The Beachwood Tip Line: Public-private.


Posted on August 4, 2011

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