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The [Thursday] Papers

The fact of the matter is that Jesse Jackson is right: Barack Obama talks down to (poor) black people. His Bill Cosby routine is downright offensive and positively Reaganistic. See, if poor blacks just wouldn't spend all their money at Popeye's maybe they'd make something of themselves!

I've written before about this here, but Obama hasn't been challenged on the point by the media because, by and large, they agree with the message. It's been a long time since the media championed the poor - the afflicted, if you will - instead of, um, afflicting them.

Not only that, but as I've pointed out (see the item "Father's Day Farce"), Obama has by his own account been missing-in-action as a father - and he's had a wealth of opportunities his poor brethren haven't had.

Jesse Jackson feels bad because he - I believe - sincerely doesn't want to hurt Obama's campaign. But the words he uttered reflect - I'm sure - his true beliefs. And he's right.

The White-Hot Center
Ralph Nader was wrong - and racist - recently when he accused Obama of "talking white" to appeal to a broader chunk of the electorate. In fact, Obama takes to talking "black" in ways he ordinarily doesn't when he speaks to black audiences.

Interestingly, though, Jesse Jackson said the same thing as Nader months earlier.

Junior's Lament
Jesse Jackson Jr. quickly issued a statement taking his father to task, but Junior is the one who has gone off the rails during this campaign.

It was Junior who (see the item "Junior Judgement") said "[Hillary's] tears also have to be analyzed" when we know factually that there were no tears, and even if there were, please!

Junior also chastised Hillary for not showing similar (non-teary?) emotion over Hurricane Katrina.

The truth is that the Clintons - neither of whom I have ever voted for - have worked on behalf of civil rights for decades. Obama hasn't. And that's why folks like Susie Tompkins Buell are so upset over the Obama campaign.

Intellectual Honesty
From Salon's invaluable Glenn Greenwald:

"It isn't that difficult to keep the following two thoughts in one's head at the same time - though it seems to be for many people:

(1) What Barack Obama is doing on Issue X is wrong, indefensible and worthy of extreme criticism;
(2) I support Barack Obama for President because he's a better choice than John McCain.

Which isn't to say I'm casting my vote for Obama. Or McCain. It's just to make a point.

Phone Home
From Quick Takes:

"Democrats Phoning It In
"News Item: President Bush insists that new Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act include legal immunity for phone companies that helped him carry out domestic spying without warrants.

"News Item: House, Senate Democrats join Republicans to pass FISA bill with immunity for phone companies.

"The Democrats do what they can in the midst of the continuing nationwide shortage of spine donors.


"Can you hear him now?
"News Item: Barack Obama votes in favor of bill providing immunity for phone companies.

"A statement from Barack Obama campaign in October:

"'To be clear, Barack will support a filibuster of any bill that includes retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies.'

"Good. Just so we have it clear."

The Old Politics
Hillary Clinton voted against the FISA bill.

Most Cynical Campaign Ever
At this late date, the media is still trying to figure out what Obama believes.

I'm getting ready to say I told you so, but I just haven't had the time yet to put it together in quite the way I want to. But if you've been paying attention the last couple of weeks, you already get it.

Access Obama
Barack had no idea a family interview with Access Hollywood would get so much attention! Apparently he thought he was taping a segment for Public Access Hollywood.

Race to the Bottom
"Gallup: Obama Ties McCain Among Less-Educated Voters."

DNA Implicates Media
When Mark Brown writes that "we" - meaning the public - are cruel, as evidenced by the way the Ramseys were crucified, how does he think the public got the idea that John and/or Patsy Ramsey murdered their daughter?

It's not like the public came to that conclusion on its own. Blame the media. And add the Ramseys to the list that includes Richard Jewell, Steven Hatfill, Wen Ho Lee and many others across the country. And who the hell knows about Drew Peterson and Craig Stebic?

J101: Suspects shall not be named until they are charged. And even then, proper skepticism shall be directed at law enforcement.

More Lessons
* When the mother says the baby's legs are broken, check it out.

* I expressed my continual amazement on Chicago Tonight the other night that our local papers still haven't integrated their print and online operations. What? It's the same newsroom, dillweeds.

Now comes the Washington Post's new editor and guess what his biggest challenge is? It just makes me tired.

* "People need to stop looking at as an add-on to The Tampa Tribune," the editor there said recently. "The truth is that The Tampa Tribune is an add-on to TBO."

In the wake of which, the newsroom is directing its ire on an intern (click on the link above and read the whole thing) who gets it far more than they do.

School Reform
Remember, there is no correlation between education and money.

The View From Oakland
"Cubs fans had just better not pin too much of their October fantasies on Harden," Cam Inman writes in "Not Hard To Say Bye To Harden." "That's a couple months and plenty of starts away, and Harden's durability is an issue. He's like a freshly planted tree you should support with wooden stakes in case of a wind storm.

Carter Center
In an Op-Ed in the Sun-Times yesterday that is apparently not available online, a writer from the History News Network asked "Was Jimmy Carter Right?"

Once again, the "real" news follows The Onion.

The Beachwood Tip Line: Air your grievances.


Posted on July 10, 2008

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