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The [Monday] Papers

Detroit edition.

1. Detroit Becoming Another Chicago.

"Detroit boosters have long said that if we can just get outsiders to actually visit the city, we can sell them on relocating here," the Detroit Free Press reports.

For the latest proof point of that, consider the Automate robotics convention, the nation's leading trade show for industrial automation. For many years held at McCormick Place in Chicago, the show will move to Detroit starting in 2021.

That means more than 20,000 exhibitors and buyers of robots for use in many different industrial fields will spend four days in May 2021 in and around the soon-to-be-renamed Cobo Center. And the Ann Arbor-based Association for Advancing Automation, which represents the robotics and automation technology industry and which hosts Automate every other year, has already committed to hold the 2023 and 2025 shows in Detroit as well.

The decision to leave McCormick Place - arguably the nation's premier convention center - for Detroit followed a site visit by some initially skeptical organizers.

"The main driver of it is that our show has been growing so quickly that it outgrew our location in Chicago," said Jeff Burnstein, president of the association. "That's a good thing that we are growing quickly. But it meant that we had to make some choices about the show. Do we remain in Chicago? Do we look at other cities?

"We talked to several cities and we concluded Detroit was the best choice."

Did the show really outgrow Chicago? I'm not saying it didn't, but does the soon-to-be-renamed Cobo Center offer more space than McCormick? Just how big is the Automate show? Something doesn't sound right to me. But I've seen no reporting from the Chicago side of the equation asking for an explanation.

But here's what Crain's Detroit Business reports:

"A3 first began hosting a robotics show at Cobo in the 1980s, Doyle said. It was moved to Chicago in the 1990s and to the McCormick Place convention center in 2011. It was originally relocated from Detroit to give it a refresh and join forces with Promat, a supply chain and distribution show that takes place alongside the robotics show. In tandem with its move back to Detroit, Automate's partnership with Promat is ending."


"We're bringing it home," Doyle said. "We've grown 40 percent every year, and this year, we ran out of space at McCormick Place. We knew in order for us to continue to grow, it was time for us to move."

Space constraints were only part of the motivation, though. The decision to relocate the event to Detroit was pretty much sealed when the association's board members visited the city last year and were "wowed not only by Cobo Center, but the city itself - the growth, the opportunities," Doyle said.

Detroit's emerging technology sector played a role in landing the event in the city, as did the concentration of robotics companies in metro Detroit.

You win some conventions, you lose some. Good for Detroit.

2. Chrysler Clunker.

"When a carmaker fails, its competitors may assume they will benefit from picking up customers. But they are more likely to be dragged down in a contagion effect, suggests research by Georgia Tech's Ö. Cem Öztürk, Chicago Booth's Pradeep K. Chintagunta, and University of North Carolina's Sriram Venkataraman," Chicago Booth Review reports.

"The researchers studied Chrysler's April 2009 bankruptcy filing. After teetering on the edge of failure in every recession for more than three decades - and being rescued more than once by the federal government - the No. 3 U.S. automaker finally succumbed during the Great Recession. The global economic downturn cost the U.S. auto industry hundreds of thousands of jobs as car sales plummeted."

The researchers used a variety of techniques to tease out what could be attributed specifically to Chrysler's woes, and it turns out - as it always does - that the American economy is a complicated, interrelated edifice built as much on psychology as hard facts on the ground.

3. Chicago Could Have Been Detroit - The Center Of America's Auto Industry.

"Two sources - A.J. Liebling and Michael Barone - suggest that it was possible, and give similar reasons for why it didn't happen (their agreement is notable, since they wrote from the opposite ends of the poltical spectrum, Liebling from the Left, Barone from the Right) . . . "

4. Northwest Side The Next Detroit.

* Tribune: Northwest Side High School Will Keep Auto Body Program - For Now.

5. Detroit Is The Next Detroit.

* Jalopnik: A Part of Detroit Was Destroyed In The 1980s So GM Could Build A Plant It Might Close Now.

* CityLab: A Town Made By Cars Awaits Life After General Motors.

* GM Plant's Pending Future Puts Jewish Cemetery In Limbo.

6. Band Name Idea: The Next Detroit.

7. Canada Not The Next Detroit.

* Detroit Free Press: Why Canadian Cities Didn't Suffer As Detroit Did.

8. ACLU Slams Detroit Bail System As Unfair To Poor.

Very little news is local.

9. How Pontiac Pensioners Battled Retail Giant Walmart And Won.

The town, not the brand.

10. The Big News About Detroit's Mayor Right Now.


New on the Beachwood . . .

Number Of U.S. Corporations Paying 'Not A Dime' In Federal Taxes Doubled In 2018
"The tax-avoiding corporations are some of the most profitable, recognizable companies in the world, and they represent a variety of industries, including technology, energy and gas, financial services, aviation, pharmaceutical and manufacturing.

"Earlier this year, ITEP reported Netflix and Amazon paid no federal taxes. Other companies on this list include Chevron, Delta Airlines, Eli Lilly, General Motors, Gannett, Goodyear Tire and Rubber, Halliburton, IBM, Jetblue Airways, Principal Financial,, US Steel, and Whirlpool."


Of Turbines, Trump And Twats
Trump's Planet by Jonathan Pie, TV Reporter.


Meet Chicago's First Public Tool Library
Coming to Bridgeport this summer.


The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #247: Cy Darvish
Greatness unappreciated by all except media, Maddon. Plus: Yu Darvish Is Even Annoying His Neighbors; The White Sox Are Also 3-8; Sale Sucks, Rays Rock; The Fight To Pay Minor Leaguers; The Circuitous Route of Wauconda's Matt Mooney; Now The Bulls Pray To The Lottery Gods; Lottery Gods Smile On Blackhawks; "Q" Now Florida Man; Chicago Fired; DePaul Demons Officially Nation's 103rd Best Team; and Co-Ed Swim Team Launches.


TrackNotes: Storming Oaklawn
Arkansas Derby sets up Mike Smith's choice and the Kentucky Derby.


The White Sox Report: What About Coop?
It's time to take a hard look at the longtime pitching guru.


SportsMonday: Tiger No Ben Hogan!
Goodness gracious, people.



Menu from The Rib Hill Restaurant once located at 9129 S Jeffery Blvd in Chicago. from r/chicago





Powering Chicago Installs Solar Panels For Special Needs Baseball Stadium.



Losing To Tiger Woods? 'The Coolest Back Nine I've Ever Been A Part Of.'


LinkedIn Has A Fake Profile Problem.


The Banana Is Dying. The Race Is On To Reinvent It Before It's Too Late.

P.S.: GMOs are perfectly safe, motherfuckers.


A sampling.





The Beachwood McRibTipLine: Horsey sauce not included.


Posted on April 15, 2019

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BOOKS - All About Poop.


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