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The [Monday] Papers

"Cook County prosecutors rarely file felony charges against students accused of sexual violence on college campuses, according to a Tribune analysis. A survey of 16 local colleges found that police investigated 109 reported sex crimes since fall 2005, with 12 resulting in arrests and five in convictions," the paper reported over the weekend.

"Cook County prosecutors are not the only ones to struggle with forcible sex offenses on college campuses.

"The Tribune reported earlier this year that women who report sexual violence on campuses rarely see their attackers arrested and almost never see them convicted. A June survey of six schools in Illinois and Indiana found police investigated 171 reported sex crimes since fall 2005, with 12 resulting in arrests and four in convictions. Only one of the convictions stemmed from a student-on-student attack.

"The arrest and conviction rates in the Midwest and Cook County surveys were far below the average for rapes reported nationally."


Yes, I added the link to the Tribune's previous story referenced by the Tribune.

Pudding Pop
"The U.S. House ethics committee announced on Friday that it will continue its investigation of Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. The panel also released hundreds of pages of documents from the inquiry," WBEZ reports.

"At the bottom of the stack was a copy of talking points prepared by Jackson's staff, apparently intended to help comedian Bill Cosby call Blagojevich to urge Jackson's appointment."

Wait, what?!

"Jackson aides sent a package that included 'talking points' about why the congressman was the best for the seat - materials sent in response to media inquiries and to supporters including Aretha Franklin, the Rev. Al Sharpton and Hunter Biden, the vice president's son," the Tribune reports.

Jesse, Jesse, Jesse.

See also: Jackson Salivates.

Con Texts
"Teen sexting of nude photos online or via cellphone may be far less common than people think, new research suggests," AP reports.

"Only 1 percent of kids aged 10 to 17 have shared images of themselves or others that involve explicit nudity, a nationally representative study found."

Huh. Now what could've given the public the idea that teen sexting was running rampant throughout America

Photos of the Year
Chicago contributes No. 22.

Listeria Place
"Flying Food Group of Chicago is again recalling ready-to-eat food produced in its Lawrenceville, GA plant because they may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes," Food Safety News reports.

"Flying Food Group announced Saturday that production at its Lawrenceville, GA facility has been suspended pending an investigation into the problem. In July, Flying Food Group expanded the recall by an additional 6,901 pounds of chicken, turkey, beef and pork products used in various wraps and salads.

"A few days later it recalled all of its federally regulated products - sandwiches, parfaits, wraps, plates and salads - because of the Listeria concerns."


"Legendary Chicago-based entrepreneur Sue Ling Gin is Founder (1983) and CEO of Flying Food Group LLC, a leading wholesale food production company," the company's website says. "FFG provides quality passenger meals to over 70 top airlines - primarily international - and to retail partners in grocery, food service and specialty markets, including 4200 US Starbucks."


"Sue sits on the boards of Exelon Corporation and Commonwealth Edison and is on the board of The Foundation for the National Archives. She is the first non-French citizen to join the board of Air France catering arm, Servair. Chicago-area board memberships include DePaul University, The Field Museum, Chicago Botanic Gardens and Rush University Medical Center.

"Hers is a true American success story. Sue's Chinese immigrant parents operated a restaurant in Aurora. She moved to Chicago alone at age 19, and over time invested in real estate, restaurants and a wholesale bakery. She remains at the helm of New Management, Ltd. her real estate sales, leasing, management and development firm with strategic, long term Chicago-area holdings, including multiple properties in Chicago's burgeoning West Loop, plus the 52-acre Midway Business Center near Midway International Airport.

"Sue founded FFG in 1983, after being served a half-frozen sweet roll by a new domestic airline based at Chicago Midway. She convinced the airline's CEO she could provide better passenger meals, and helped build the brand with groundbreaking fresh ingredients and creative packaging. Her success attracted larger airlines. Within two years, she expanded to O'Hare International Airport, making Servair her catering partner. Today, the FFG and Servair partneship oversees kitchens at five key gateway cities: Miami New York, Seattle and San Francisco, plus Chicago.

"Sue also heads the The William G McGowan Charitable Fund, created to honor the life and legacy of her late husband, Bill McGowan, Founder and Chairman of MCI Communications. The Fund awards grants to effective programs in the areas of Education, Community Programs and Medical Research."


"McGowan met his match in Sue Ling Gin, who shared his passion for the risks of business as well as his tough, scrappy style," the New York Times said in a lengthy profile of the couple published in 1988.

"Her riskiest - and most successful - real estate gamble came when she began to pick up properties in the West Loop section of Chicago, a dingy warehouse district known as Haymarket, which she envisioned as the Soho of Chicago. To make the deal for the Haymarket properties work, Gin badgered Chicago politicians and Illinois lawmakers to ease the laws on acquiring tax-delinquent properties. Some of those properties, for which Gin paid thousands, are worth millions today."

Pick Your Villain
Caleb Hanie? Roy Williams? Mike Martz? Johnny Knox? Jerry Angelo? The Bears defense? The Bears offensive line?

How 'bout all of the above.

Rape, Pillage Going Unnoticed In Downtown Chicago!
And other Occupy news.

No Wonder Santa Shopped At Playback
Elves laughing in stereo.

High Handlebars
No thing is ever enough.

Programming Note
Another Monday, another Beachwood Monday night. Stop by for cold(ish) beer, warm(ish) pizza, and awesome jukebox madness. 5p - 2a.


The Beachwood Tip Line: Warm(ish).


Posted on December 5, 2011

MUSIC - Madonna vs. Moderna.
TV - Sundays With The Military-Industrial Complex.
POLITICS - Private Equity In The ER.
SPORTS - Suspicious Betting Trends In Soccer.

BOOKS - China Holding Swedish Publisher.


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