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A discount-store employee is time-warped to a medieval castle, where he is the foretold savior who can dispel the evil there. Unfortunately, he screws up and releases an army of skeletons. (
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The [Monday] Papers

"Independent brewers say the brand-name distributors, with deep pockets and abundant supply, often resort to pay-to-play business practices that mirror the worst of Chicago politics," Crain's reports.

"Sources say the big brewers and their wholesalers keep out the independents by offering cash, new tap systems, free beer and other incentives to tavern owners and retailers in exchange for taps or shelf space for mainstream brands. Some bar owners have set up separate marketing companies to take in the cash, a monthslong Crain's investigation has found, while their taverns benefit from lower prices and 'special' discounts.

"There's just one problem: Federal and state laws forbid producers and distributors from offering money, loans or anything else "of value" to retailers to freeze out the competition, with such exceptions as signs or ad materials under certain dollar limits. It's also unlawful for bars to accept these gifts."

One-Way Wrigley
How the conversation went as imagined by our very own Natasha Julius.


Big Ten: So what's that on the diagram?

Cubs: Oh, that's just our Brick Fucking Wall.

Big Ten: Sweet.

[eight months later]

Big Ten: Wait, did you say a BRICK fucking wall?

Cubs: That's right.

Big Ten: Not a fucking wall of candy?

Cubs: Nope.

Big Ten: Well, shit. that changes everything.


And yet, that's what's so great about Wrigley. After all, nobody clamored to have the game played at the park formerly known as Comiskey.

Parking Wars
"The Expired Meter is proud to announce the very first Chicago Driver Survival Seminar presented by Alderman Scott Waguespack (32nd) on Tuesday, November 30th.

"This free class will teach Chicago drivers the basics of: avoiding and contesting parking tickets, red light camera tickets, speeding tickets and other moving violations, keeping the Denver boot off your car and updating attendees on new driving laws that effect pedestrian and biking safety, and much more.

"The Driver Survival Seminar is the very first event of its kind in Chicago and perhaps the nation with the sole purpose of educating and empowering motorists to protect themselves from these issues that challenge drivers every day on the streets of the city."


Disclaimer: I have a business relationship with The Expired Meter's Parking Ticket Geek.

TIF Tiff
A Beachwood reader writes:

"Am I the only person who read this story and thought, maybe they should just do away with the special funds?

"If they can spend the money on cops, if hiring cops is an economic development idea that will boost property values and ultimately pay back the lost revenue over the life of the TIF district, then maybe they should just put that money back in the general fund and stop
draining cash away from schools and general services and put the money back into the regular budget. I mean, if that's the best use of these funds, then Emanuel really oughta come out against TIFs, right?"

My reply:

"I thought the same thing - it just goes to show that these really are/have become slush funds, rather than the economic development tools they were touted to be. You are right - Emanuel is now saying (like others), 'Let's use this money for whatever we want!' rather than giving back to schools, etc. This city is so screwed up.

Tom Dart's Brother Is Evil and Rich
"Last year alone, Tim Dart, 43, was paid $541,500 to lobby Daley's staff, the City Council and city agencies on behalf of 15 clients, records filed by the younger Dart with City Hall show," the Sun-Times reports.

Circus Trips
"Will the construction barrels ever go away on the always-busy downtown section of the Kennedy Expressway, where entrance and exit ramps have been reconfigured?

"And why have CTA Orange Line trains lost their zip, and when will they get it back?"

Jon Hilkevitch has the answers in his "Getting Around" column today.

Half Pint Brawlers
In Bartlett at Bannerman's on Tuesday night.

Too Little, Too Late
"Chicago defined the 'City of the Century' in the Twentieth Century. But is Chicago becoming the 'Suburb of the Century' in the Twenty-First? Are big-box retailers eating up our neighborhoods? Or are they the perfect solution to the problem of food deserts and widespread unemployment? Is the land of Sullivan and Wright becoming generic Anyplace, USA? Or do mixed-use developments replace historic buildings that no longer serve their purpose, ultimately enlivening the neighborhood by providing much-needed amenities? Are we becoming less of a city in which to stroll? Or do the adjoining green spaces planned for many mixed-use developments make Chicago, in fact, more walkable?"

Find out the unsurprising answers on Wednesday, December 1st when the Chicago Architecture Foundation presents "The Malling of Chicago."

The Weekend in Chicago Rock
You shoulda been there.

Urbane News TV
From the Negro League Cafe.

Englewood's Got Talent
Chicago All-Stars put on a show.

A Social Media Book Tour
Scheduled entirely through Twitter.

A County Clout List
Homeland Security funds secure family and friends.

Will appear later this morning Here Comes Vick.

Bartender Journalism
Start your holiday right with a visit to Monday Night Beachwood!

Once again I'll be behind the bar slinging Old Styles and Bell's and manning the jukebox controls to amplify your favorites and magically skip past the dregs. Disco ball optional.

Plus, free football pizza, pool, games and - sorry to report - Stargate pinball.

Yup, Dr. Dude is in the ICU and the prognosis isn't good.

But Stargate is getting rave reviews so far, except for its sensitive tilt. (An adjustment is forthcoming.)

So stop on by and just tell me that I sent you.


Also, message to Bill: I have a question for you. Stop in or send me your e-mail!


Some of our satisfied customers:

* Unidentified patron sipping on her drink.

* Lauren.

* Braids.

* Choose wisely!

* Hey, that's the guy on the CD!

* We've got Cheez-Its.

* Tracy, Garrett and Rescue 911, the predecessor to Dr. Dude.


The Beachwood Tip Line: Emotional rescue.


Posted on November 22, 2010

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