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Dog The Bounty Hunter
7 p.m.
An erotic dancer is sought in Honolulu as the team welcomes Duane Lee back into the fold. (

Weather Derby
Tribune: 68/48
Sun-Times: 63/51
Weather Channel: 66/50
Natl Weather Svc.: 62/46
BWM*: 99/1
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The [Friday] Papers

"Jason Campbell will replace Jay Cutler as the Chicago Bears' starting quarterback on Monday night against the San Francisco 49ers, the team announced Friday," ESPN Chicago reports.

"Cutler suffered a concussion Sunday night on an illegal hit by Houston Texans linebacker Tim Dobbins."

Again, the hit wasn't illegal; if it was Dobbins would have been charged with a crime, no? "Prohibited" might work.

"He did not immediately display the symptoms of a concussion after Dobbins' hit."

Not so sure about that.

It doesn't take a medical degree, Lovie, to know this guy should have been removed from the game immediately. Instead, we're told, Cutler didn't start drooling until halftime.


Note: On the next play, Cutler lined up in the shotgun and ran for 11 yards off left guard. Worth it?

Junior's World
Jackson family will let us know when and where it's appropriate.

Rahm's Secret ComEd Con
"Mayor Rahm Emanuel's fast-track plan to shop for electricity in bulk got a jolt of opposition Wednesday from aldermen concerned about choosing a single supplier and about an open-ended "surcharge" with the potential to wallop consumers," the Sun-Times reports.

"Buried in the ordinance is what [Ald. Brendan] Reilly described as the 'unlimited' potential to slap a consumer surcharge onto the fixed price of electricity. Proceeds would be used to reimburse the city for administrative costs and to 'support energy-related [programs] such as renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives.' The city has already spent $500,000 on consultants and mailers."

I knew that ballot initiative sounded too sensible to be true.

In Chicago, the benefit of the doubt means we should give the doubt the most benefit.


Also: Reporters who repeat talking points about budgets without tax increases both miss the fact that last year's tax increases apply this year too - they aren't one-year deals - and that the city raises revenues by charging citizens in all sorts of ways that don't show up on tax bills per se. The first talking point iterated and reiterated by the administration will always be that a particular budget does not raise taxes due to the heroic and sensitive efforts of our amazing mayor. But this is a case where the technical truth - no new tax increases the budget - is deceiving to report without context that conveys larger and more important truth.


Defining Rahm's Budget Down.

Fool's Gould
Robbie Gould should apologize for this apology.

The Soldier Field field has always been a joke and the tarp wasn't on the field before Monday night's game even as the rain came down; I assumed until now that that was a strategic choice by the Bears. Apparently it was just stupidity.

"[Gould] doesn't know what he is talking about," stadium GM Tim LeFevour told the Trib. "The field has not been an issue all year, and we haven't heard anyone else complaining."

The field has been an issue every year. If you haven't heard anyone else complaining this year, Tim, it's only because they're tired of doing so.

"Several high profile Bears players have expressed their unhappiness with the natural grass playing surface in the past few years, including quarterback Jay Cutler who called the Soldier Field turf 'one of the worst fields in the league' during a news conference in December 2010. Linebacker Brian Urlacher called the turf 'a disaster' and advocated installing FieldTurf in June 2011."


Also on today's Liars List: Bears GM Phil Emery.

We have assembled a strong team of members from our staff and theirs that work together to evaluate the field and keep it in excellent condition. They have done a great job working with us to ensure we have the best playing surface for our players.

He must share a PR firm with the Jacksons.

TV Two-Step
I did a three-shot yesterday: WGN-TV News at 5, a CLTV interview and a Politics Tonight spot, all on Jesse Jackson Jr. I can't find links to any of them, but if anyone out there does, please just listen and don't watch. I can't bear to see myself on TV and I don't want anyone else looking either.

The Week in Chicago Rock
* Nas, Lauryn Hill, Lights and Pentatonix.

Gangsters, Gamblers & Ghosts
Meet Willow Springs.

The Charlie Brown Presidency
In QT.

The College Football Report
Our very own Mike Luce has just been buried in paperwork but promises to deliver in time to call your bookie. Posted!


The Beachwood Tip Line: The Tip Line is In.


Posted on November 16, 2012

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SPORTS - Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall And The Pope's Nose.

BOOKS - Abe Lincoln: Good For The Jews.

PEOPLE PLACES & THINGS - FEMA: Give The Gift Of Preparedness.

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