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The [Friday] Papers

"The mass arrests of Occupy Chicago demonstrators that city leaders held up as a model for how to respect protesters' rights has been ruled unconstitutional and tossed out of court by a Cook County judge," the Tribune reports.

Held up as a model by the media, too.

"In a 37-page ruling issued today, Associate Judge Thomas Donnelly ruled the October 2011 arrests were unconstitutional because the city routinely chooses not to enforce the curfew for events the city supports, such as the 2008 Election Night rally for President Barack Obama. The judge noted that no arrests were made at that event, even though it went well past curfew."

I seem to remember the protesters making that argument at the time. They were ridiculed.

"With the ruling, the arrests of 92 Occupy protesters on charges related to violating the curfew were thrown out."

That's okay, Rahm got what he wanted - when he wanted it - anyway.


From Donnelly's ruling:

"The City's claim that citizen safety, park maintenance and park preservation constitute the substantial governmental interests that justifies closing the park seven hours nightly fails because the City routinely closes the park for fewer than seven hours nightly, making ad hoc exceptions to the Curfew for permitted groups . . . Because it is undisputed that the City closes Grant Park longer than necessary to serve the governments interests, the Curfew is not narrowly tailored, in violation of the First Amendment. The Curfew also violates the Illinois Constitution which provides a more vigorous right to free assembly, embracing even non-expressive assemblies."

See also: Court: Rahm Rousted Grant Park Illegally.

Clout Spout
Lawyers hoping to keep convicted Springfield power broker Bill Cellini out of prison say their client's well-known influence is a myth have and have presented letters to the court from more than 360 people including former governor Jim Edgar to prove their point.

Oh, and also from an Indonesian orphan and a man suffering from cerebral palsy, natch.


And who wrote the press release? Former longtime Tribune managing editor Dick Ciccone, who also went to work for the late skeezy Rosemont mayor Don Stephens after he left the paper and was known to be a "reporter pal" of the late convicted felon Dan Rostenkowski, whom he wrote about sympathetically.

See also: The [Cellini] Papers.

Jax Fax
"Battling mental illness and personal financial troubles, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is a heavy favorite for re-election Nov. 6 despite a surreal campaign in which he has been absent for almost four months," the Tribune reports.

Let me try this line one more time: At this point Jackson could win re-election from a hospital bed or a jail cell.


"The congressman's campaign website provides a measure of how vigorously his side is approaching the race: On Thursday the site reminded visitors that early voting begins Feb. 27 - an outdated reference to the Democratic primary, which he won hands-down in March against former U.S. Rep. Debbie Halvorson."

In fact, vote now for 2014 and 2016 too!

Why ever communicate with voters again? Just cash their paychecks.


"Chicagoan Kevin Lampe, who is authorized to speak about Jackson's re-election bid, said Thursday that the lawmaker remains under medical care. 'As soon as the doctors say he can get back to work, he'll get back to work, which includes campaigning,' said Lampe."

Until the campaign produces an actual doctor actually saying that, I'll take it as pure, utter bullshit.


"Whether he will campaign at all is in question. His re-election bid is being led by his wife, Ald. Sandi Jackson, 7th, who turned down interview requests."

She only talks to Everybody's Favorite Patsy and Cheryl Burton. So, yeah, she still hasn't talked to any reporters.


If Sandi Jackson actually consented to answer questions from reporters, as is her duty, then we could give her husband the benefit of the doubt - or at least be in a position to decide whether he deserved the benefit of the doubt. Absent that, neither Jackson deserves your vote any longer.

And don't forget that the congressman has refused to speak to the media for almost four years now. Time's up.


"Republican challenger Brian Woodworth, 41, a college educator from Bourbonnais, says he is getting no financial help from the national GOP and has spent only $11,000. Independent Marcus Lewis, 53, a postal worker who lives in Matteson and has filed twice for bankruptcy, says he expects his campaign to cost $3,500.

"A third Jackson challenger, mounting a write-in campaign, has run previously against the congressman as a Democrat, a Republican, a Libertarian and a Green - and been trounced each time. He has filed for bankruptcy at least three times."

You know what? A candidate who shows up is worth a vote far more than one who doesn't, no matter how many bankruptcies they've filed.


Why is Sandi manipulating the process? Here's one guess: If Jesse Jr. had resigned his seat, Cook County Democratic Party Chairman Joe Berrios would essentially be in a position to choose his replacement. For all we know, he'd name his daughter to the post.

If Jesse Jr. resigns after the election, a special election will be held in which Sandi would have the advantage of virtual incumbency.

Remember (from the U.S. House ethics report on Jesse Jr.):

"He and his wife had a serious conversation regarding the [U.S. Senate] seat and she conducted two surveys all November 5th and 6th, respectively.

"One survey indicated that Representative Jackson's wife had an overwhelming lead in the Second District if she chose to run for the House of Representatives and the other survey indicated that Jesse Jackson Jr. was the leading choice amongst citizens in Illinois for the now vacant Senate seat."

Or maybe the Jacksons will sell the seat to the highest bidder.

Koschman Cache
"The legal tab for the investigation into David Koschman's death has topped $366,000, as special prosecutor Dan K. Webb has begun interviewing Chicago Police officers who worked on the case that involved a nephew of former Mayor Richard M. Daley," the Sun-Times reports.

Can't we just take it out of Daley's pension?

Class Assignment
Someone oughta check the resumes of our local media execs.

Bears Beat 'Boys!
According to the Czar of the Playbook.

Free The Files!
Help find the "dark money" flowing into local TV stations.

The Week In Chicago Rock
The Dollyrots, First Aid Kit, Blondie, Tremonti and more. Oh, and Prince.

Cubs Curse
Well, Theo was brought in to make history and he's about to make it.

Butt Booze & Bullets
In The College Football Report.


The Beachwood Tip Line: Breaking power.


Posted on September 28, 2012

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