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The [Friday] Papers

"Mayor Rahm Emanuel moved more than $1.8 million out of municipal bonds and into more broad-based funds in the months before he announced his run for office, according to disclosure records released Thursday that show assets between $6.2 million and $16.6 million," the Tribune reports.

"Many wealthy investors have been getting out of municipal bonds because of rising interest rates on other investments and because of fear that many local governments will be unable to pay their bills because of the economy and their cash-strapped budgets, experts said."

He's shorting himself!

Blago Beat
The jury is taking the day off and will return Monday. My prediction is that if we don't have a verdict by Tuesday, we're in trouble.


"Meanwhile, Sam Adam Jr., one of Blagojevich's lead attorneys during his first trial and who is still listed as an attorney in the case, was seen in the courthouse Thursday shortly after lawyers were called to meet privately with Zagel," the Sun-Times reports. "The typically outspoken Adam, who has given TV and radio interviews discussing the Blagojevich case as recently as earlier this week, would not answer media questions on Thursday.

"'I must decline comment,' he said. 'I cannot tell you why.'"

Maybe Zagel just told him to shut the hell up.


"Blagojevich Jury Seeks Legal Definitions."

Note to judge asked for clarification of the terms "schmuck," "sleazeball," and "douchebag."

Singled Out
Chicago magazine is having a tough time staying focused today because of, you know, their big event tonight.


Jury re-sends note asking for definition of "douchebag."


The only event worse than this every year is the Lisagors.

Riot Duty
Like many others voicing a similar sentiment, one of my pals wrote this on Facebook yesterday:

Canuck fans seem to riot like Americans. Except for the part about rioting when their team wins.

True enough. But isn't it the Americans who have it backwards?

Dealer's Hand
"Quinn, Emanuel Continue Talks On Gambling Bill."

Great. A mayor who can't take no for an answer negotiating with a governor who can't say no.


"I'm going to use that revenue to invest in Chicago's future," Rahm said. "Our roads, our bridges, our broadband, our schools construction, our mass transit. That will keep us economically competitive."

By transferring more wealth to those who already have it.


I thought Rahm was going to use a luxury tax to fund his initiatives.

Then again, that would have required the cooperation of the General Assembly, unlike a casi . . . er, wait . . .


I guess Rahm was persuaded against the luxury tax by arguments like "Everyone deserves a chance to drive a Chicago exotic rental car like our Chicago Lamborghini Gallardo rental or a Ferrari F430 rental car once in his or her life."

Reverse Psychology
Red-light revenue is dropping in Naperville because of better compliance with the traffic laws.

As I've said before, we should all obey the traffic laws strictly just to spite City Hall.

War Counsel
"Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) is splitting with President Obama over the need for Congress to authorize military action in Libya - though he backs Obama's order to send in air strikes," Lynn Sweet reports for the Sun-Times.

Durbin is probably quite confident that either A) the White House will just ignore him or B) he has the votes the White House would need anyway.

The last thing the White House wants, though, is to officially define the military actions in LIbya as a "war." It's more of an adventure.


"Flags waved, tears flowed and hundreds of supporters lined roads from Homer Glen to Elwood on Thursday to pay tribute to U.S. Army Pfc. Michael Olivieri, who was laid to rest at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery," Susan Demar Lafferty writes for the SouthtownStar.

"The Homer Glen resident, remembered as a 'great guy' and respected for his military service by those who came out to pay tribute, was killed in Iraq on June 6 along with four others when militants attacked their base.

"At a brief and somber graveside military service, Olivieri's wife, Sharon; parents Michael and Jody; and three siblings were surrounded by hundreds of mourners as they sat tearfully in white folding chairs in front of a flag-draped casket.

"They held hands tightly as Olivieri was given a 21-gun salute and 'Taps' was played. Members of the honor guard then folded the U.S. flag with military precision and slowly saluted before U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Mark McDonald presented flags to Olivieri's wife and mother."

Casting Call
Nobody Should Play Drew Peterson In A Lifetime Movie.

The CPD Is Watching You
And it's only gonna get worse.

The Ricketty Cubs
"Cubs fans, it seems, have finally had enough," Eric Peterson writes for the Daily Herald.

"Not from their team's eternally forgivable performance on the field, but rather high ticket prices and sales policies of recent years.

"Local ticket resale companies are reporting a historic decline in demand that not even the weekend series against the New York Yankees or next week's crosstown games with the White Sox at U.S. Cellular Field are helping to rebuild."

Realigning Baseball
Beachwood Labs takes a crack at it.

Fiance Of Bears QB Must Think You're Fat Too
Kristin Cavallari is both victim and perp.

Pretty Writing
Calligraphy at the Newberry.

The Week in WTF
Ricketts, wieners, Vancouver, Cook County health care and an unpleasant furniture store.

The Week in Chicago Rock
Rihanna, Natasha Bedingfield, Social Focus, HEMI and more!


The Beachwood Tip Line: Unwritten.


Posted on June 17, 2011

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