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The [Friday] Papers

The circle is now squared.

I oughta just shut down the site today and walk away. My work here is done.

If there's anyone out there who still has illusions about who Barack Obama is - and where he came from - they need to report to the infirmary for a Kool-Aid extraction and mental health exam.

In January 2007, I posted a piece called "Barack Obama (D-Daley)." Can anyone say that I wasn't right? Was any journalist on the planet more right about Barack Obama than I was?

There is still a long list of progressives and media idiots who owe me an apology. Sorry I did your jobs for you. Sorry you couldn't handle the truth.

Even the appointment of Rahm Emanuel couldn't convince some of you.

Am I angry? You bet. I lost a lot of sleep and probably readers and money by pointing out that based on the facts Obama was a lying phony faker.

Based on the facts, not David Axelrod's propaganda.

Bill Daley is Barack Obama's new right-hand man. Rahm Emanuel was his old one. Tony Rezko was his self-described political godfather. Emil Jones was his self-described political mentor. He endorsed Joe Lieberman over Ned Lamont. Stood by Richard M. Daley and absolved him of responsibility for 20 years of corruption oozing out of City Hall. Campaigned for Rod Blagojevich when it had become clear he was an ineffectual, corrupt nothing. Helped clear a path for Todd Stroger. And on and on and on. Kept his private corporate fundraiser secret while telling America his coffers were getting fat on the little guy. Then again, his campaign strategist is known as the greatest astroturfer of them all.

And frankly, he's been an even worse president than I thought he'd be. I at least expected him to keep his grassroots energized; now I'm not sure there really are any grassroots. I at least expected him to pretend to put up a fight for the values he pretended he stood for in the campaign. I thought he'd at least be a good pretender. But not even that.

Bill Daley is Barack Obama's chief of staff!

I should just roll up this website and move on.


From the Beachwood, December 7, 2008:

"I can hardly wait to see where Bill Daley - a senior Obama advisor and member of his transition team - ends up."

I summarized that column as "The Daleys capture the White House."


A "devoted patriot"? As opposed to whom, all those undevoted patriots in the running who didn't wear flag pins to their interviews?

Besides, not so much.

The Bill Daley Show
* "Testimony In Federal Corruption Trial Details Mayor Richard Daley's Machine: Men say mayor's brother, William Daley, and longtime top strategist Timothy Degnan helped form Hispanic Democratic Organization."

* From the Beachwood, December 23, 2009:

Here's my favorite part:

"William Daley [told the Tribune] he was not aware of any promises of city jobs to campaign workers for his brother.

"'You're talking about 20 years ago,' Daley said. 'Even if it happened - and I'm not saying it did - things were different. There was nothing illegal about that stuff'."


"A 1979 ruling led to a court order in 1983 that made it unlawful to take any political factor into account in hiring public employees (with exceptions for positions such as policy making)," according to the Encyclopedia of Chicago. "Those decisions along with companion consent judgments - collectively called the Shakman decrees - are binding on more than 40 city and statewide offices."

* "You can download the testimony of former Water Department Deputy Commissioner Donald Tomczak, who is currently serving his sentence in federal prison. This testimony shows how Chicago Democrats rigged the hiring and promotion of city employees in order to unduly influence elections. To read how Tomczak's unlawful patronage workers campaigned to elect Rahm Emanuel to the U.S. Congress, see the last page, 2444. To read how Tomczak's unlawful patronage workers campaigned for former U.S. Commerce Secretary William Daley's candidate Al Gore when Bill Daley was Gore's campaign chairman, see page 2443. The federal court testimony also implicates Senior White House Adviser David Axelrod because Axelrod was Rahm Emanuel's campaign manager and Axelrod was also an adviser to Daley for multiple campaigns in which Axelrod and Daley used patronage workers to rig the elections in their favor."

* And who can forget this one?

"Morgan Stanley, the New York financial giant that employs one of Mayor Daley's nephews, has been picked to help the Cook County Board borrow $150 million to get by until the county's 1 percent sales-tax increase starts flowing into the treasury.

"It's the first deal between the county and Morgan Stanley since the company hired William Daley Jr. - a nephew of the mayor and Cook County Commissioner John Daley - to help win business.

"Over the last year, William Daley Jr. has met with County Board President Todd Stroger and his top two assistants - his chief financial officer, Donna Dunning, and former chief of staff Lance Tyson.

"'Yes, he made stops to see me,' Dunning said of Bill Daley Jr. 'But he is not working in a senior position. He accompanied William Mack, who is the senior manager for Morgan Stanley. He was there in a junior position.'

"Mack was a longtime aide to imprisoned former Gov. George Ryan. Five years ago, Mack, granted immunity from prosecution, testified about directing other state employees to shred documents that Ryan and his campaign manager Scott Fawell feared could be seized by federal agents."

Too perfect!

* And something civilians should know: What do Rahm Emanuel and Bill Daley have in common besides shared patronage armies and fake careers in finance? They are both prime off-the-record "sources" for reporters. It's a dirty secret they - and reporters - don't want you to know.

From @BeachwoodReport:

Obama names #BillDaley chief of staff; says he didn't want nobody nobody sent.


Obama names #BillDaley chief of staff; White House to create Cabinet-level Streets and San Dept.


Obama names #BillDaley chief of staff; 2012 campaign theme will be Status Quo.


Obama names #BillDaley chief of staff; all contracts now go through him.


HumdingerTV Kevin Myers
RT by BeachwoodReport
So... does this mean Rahm Emanuel and Bill Daley are basically switching places?


Obama names #BillDaley chief of staff; progressives finally admit Rhodes was right all along. Media still pretends otherwise.


Obama names #BillDaley chief of staff; rest of Daley family to receive assignments next week.


Obama names #BillDaley chief of staff; says that unlike Congress, White House needs another banker in it.


Obama names #BillDaley chief of staff; says constitution requires executive branch filled only with bankers & Bush/Clinton holdovers.


Obama names #BillDaley chief of staff; says this proves he's not part of the Daley Machine, will now uphold campaign promises 2 change Wash.


Obama names #BillDaley chief of staff; names Ed Burke finance committee chair . . .


Obama names #BillDaley chief of staff; appoints Rahm Emanuel mayor of Chicago.


Obama names #BillDaley chief of staff; names Angelo Torres chief of nation's hired truck program.


Obama names #BillDaley chief of staff, asks him to sell off nation's parking meters.

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The Beachwood Tip Line: Butt naked.


Posted on January 7, 2011

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