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The [Friday] Papers

Jon Burge's crocodile tears are getting a lot of play.

Oh, perhaps they were genuine. Perhaps the significance of the moment got to him.

Doubtful, though.

"Burge has testified about the Wilson arrest at a hearing on Wilson's motion to suppress his confession, in at least three depositions in 1988 and 1989, in two court appearances in Andrew Wilson's civil suit (the case went to trial twice because the first ended in a mistrial), and before the Police Board, all without tears," John Conroy reports.

And People's Law Office lawyer Flint Taylor told reporters that "I cross-examined him for weeks in the Wilson trials, and he never broke down and cried."

And Conroy notes that "Andrew Wilson also wept when discussing the same day, six years after his arrest and interrogation at Area 2."

Wilson's testimony didn't come close to the front pages or top of local broadcasts.

Conroy also recounts:

"During the course of a deposition taken in Pontiac penitentiary in December 1988, Wilson broke down while he was talking about being given electric shock. According to the deposition transcript, Burge attorney Bill Kunkle's response was to smile broadly and say 'I love to see him cry.'"


Today's coverage (and last night's) is also sadly lacking in the kind of context only Conroy is bringing to the case. For example, this is useful to readers and viewers:

"Burge has not answered all questions thrown at him under oath since he tried to refute cop-killer Andrew Wilson's charges of torture in hearings before the Police Board, hearings that resulted in his dismissal from the force in 1993. Since then he has not tried to defend himself, taking the Fifth Amendment repeatedly when he has been called to testify under oath. In a September 1, 2004 deposition he invoked his right not to incriminate himself more than 400 times, even in response to seemingly innocuous questions aimed at determining his relationship with the Fraternal Order of Police, his height and weight when he served at Area 2, his ownership of a boat, and the boat's name. (The boat's name may not have been so innocuous. According to the attorneys who were questioning him at the time, the vessel was named Vigilante.)"

It's also useful to note - even if the jury doesn't hear about it - that Burge's denials don't just cover the five suspects who have testified in the current case, but the 105 allegers of abuse, most of whom told remarkably similar stories and all of whom are African American.


Burge as Nathan Jessup:

"But Burge testified that from the moment of the arrest, he ordered his detectives to treat Wilson with 'kid gloves,'" the Tribune reports. "Burge insisted he never even checked in on Wilson while he was interrogated but instead left it to two trusted detectives to obtain a confession.

"Assistant U.S. Attorney David Weisman scoffed at Burge's account, questioning why he would need to make clear that Wilson was to be treated gently if there was never any problem with abuse or torture at Area 2."

I suggest we move to an Article 7, the witness has rights!

Burge: "I didn't have to tell anybody that. I said that to preclude anything from happening that might hurt our case."


Take 2:

"Burge said he never told Wilson he'd fry 'his black ass' and instead told fellow detectives to treat the slight man with 'kid gloves' in order not to jeopardize the case," the Sun-Times reports.

"The only visible injury on Wilson's body after he left Area 2 was a mark under his right eye, presumably caused during his harried arrest, Burge said.

"When Weisman asked why Burge didn't probe how Wilson got the 'oozing' cuts and second-degree burns Burge said Wilson received after he left Area 2, Burge said it wasn't his 'place to investigate.'"

Did you order the Code Red?

You're damn right I did!

The Other Trial
And by that, I do not mean Blago.

Kirk Shirk
The geniuses who make up the Sun-Times editorial board decided to give Mark Kirk a free pass on his latest embellishment because, after all, he really was a teacher once.

Yes. He taught at an awfully dangerous nursery school.

"In a speech on the House floor on Sept. 19, 2006, as he talked about school safety, Mr. Kirk spoke about 'the kids who were the brightest lights of our country's future, and I also remember those who bore scrutiny as people who might bring a gun to class,'" the New York Times reports.

"Mr. Kirk declined an interview on Wednesday to talk about his time as a teacher. His spokeswoman said the congressman was referring to nursery school students in Ithaca, not his students in London [where he taught for a year at a private college prep school], during that speech on the House floor in 2006."



UPDATE 3:08 P.M.: It gets even worse. Rich Miller: "[W]ill the Sun-Times now retract today's goofy editorial?"

ad nauseam
Speaking of failing to do one's homework . . . oh hell, I can't take it anymore. But keep your lousy hands off that Cup; you can't even name a single Blackhawk.

Tool Shed 2
Ron Huberman's media tour is working. Today the Tribune editorial board joins the Sun-Times editorial board in swallowing the BS coming out of CPS.

So I will reprise this item:

"You have to wonder if reporters at the dailies pay attention to their ostensible colleagues elsewhere such as John Conroy and Ben Joravsky. All indications are that they do not."

I will add that Elizabeth Brackett was also caught unprepared for Huberman last night. Why not just ask Joravsky to conduct the interview?

What It Takes To Keep Your Teaching Job These Days
Kidney Donor's Firing By CPS Is Frozen.

A roundup.

The Week in the World Cup
A review.

The Week in WTF
I mean, really.


The Beachwood Tip Line: Really.


Posted on June 18, 2010

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