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The [Friday] Papers

"CTA officials figure it will lose about 17 million rides because of the [fare] increase."

Here's an idea: cut fares and gain 17 million rides. Find a price point that would maximize revenue. Don't they have an in-house economist to do this?

And why is reversing free rides for seniors off the table?

And is it ever a good idea to kiss-off 17 million customers who want your product?

There has to be a better way.


File under Culture Wars.

"A Chicago man who persuaded a Minnesota judge to delay his sentencing in a drug case so he could vote in the presidential election didn't show up for his hearing this week."


"Daley wants Jones' successor to be from Cook County."

Daley wants everyone's successor to be from Cook County.


"Leading up to the closed-door session, Daley dispatched some of his Springfield emissaries to spread word that his preference is someone from the Chicago area, Senate sources said.

"But the mayor publicly denied having any role in that maneuver, which was first tipped Wednesday in the Capitol Fax political newsletter published by Chicago Sun-Times columnist Rich Miller."

So then I guess Daley scolded his Springfield operatives from acting without his authority.


"I haven't said that at all. I don't know who you're talking to. Who's Capitol Fax anyway?" Daley said after Wednesday's City Council meeting."

Then Daley denied he was even the mayor.


I'm still trying to figure this one out.

"Cook County Judge Martin Coughlin kept discussion focused on Davis' alleged left turn crossing the center line and refused to hear testimony from Kuhlmann about a second time she claimed [U.S. Rep. Danny] Davis' vehicle drifted over the double yellow lines. Davis remained silent.

"Coughlin dismissed the charge, saying 'of course' Davis crossed the double yellow line - that's what happens when you make a left turn."

Um, no, that's not what you do, unless you start turning before you've reached the intersection, which is, um, dangerous. And the officer testified, near as I can tell, that Davis "veered" across the yellow line (more than once, it turns out.)

This is where it happened.


"This effort, along with kind words from Majority Whip Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) last night about Lieberman, is giving the Connecticut senator some serious momentum heading into next week's secret vote. Dodd's involvement in saving his home-state senator is an extraordinary turn because Dodd backed Democratic candidate Ned Lamont in 2006 against Lieberman, who won the Connecticut Senate race as an independent. Dodd, however, had backed Lieberman in the Democratic primary and only switched support to Lamont when he became the Democratic nominee."

The media continues to be allergic to pointing out that Obama did the same thing.


Tim Willette has an addendum to yesterday's item about the representation of Humboldt Park in the New York Times:

"Of the B&B and three restaurants reported as situated in 'Augie March Country,' one is in Bucktown, one in Wicker Park, one in Logan Square, and a fourth at 'the Humboldt Park-Logan Square border' (rather a stretch at 3749 W. Fullerton). This is just as well, considering the average dinner for two at the restaurants prices north of $100 (safely beyond the reach of most actual Humboldt Park residents). Nevertheless, 'for those who prefer to stay downtown' rather than brave the grit of an exotic Bucktown bed and breakfast, the Trump International Hotel and Tower's address and phone number are helpfully provided."


From the Association for Women Journalists:

"In case you missed AWJ's October 15 program featuring Linda Yu, Hanke Gratteau, Lynn Norment and Sally Eisele discussing where women stand in Chicago newsrooms and the release of AWJ's report on our survey of Chicago newsworkers, now you have a chance to watch it or listen to it.

CAN TV will broadcast the discussion on Sunday, Nov 23 at 1 p.m. Additional airings are expected, as this is not easy for non-Chicago residents to view, we aim to get it posted online soon.

In the meantime, you can listen to the program via Chicago Amplified.

The report, "Where Women Stand: A Survey of Newsroom Staff in the Chicago Region," can be downloaded from


Schools can't fix poverty.

They can't fix segregated housing patterns either.

Like most things in life, the best way to fix schools is to fix the causes of the problem.


Now that the Sun-Times has written about Obama's extraordinarily boring haircut (is there nothing too mundane left to fetishize? Which deodorant he prefers? The style of toothbrush he uses?) and the Tribune has at last weighed in on the surging popularity of his Hartmarx suits, can we call a media moratorium on these moldy matters? And please, no more tours of Hyde Park.


"Student writers and supporters of Youth Communication Chicago will rally at noon on Saturday, November 15, at YCC's Columbia College office, 619 S. Wabash, to call attention to the organization's financial crisis.

"After 32 years of publishing New Expressions as a vehicle for Chicago youth voices, YCC suspended operations early this month, said executive director Phil Costello.

"'It's the economy, and the squeeze on nonprofits, and the crisis in the newspaper industry - it's a perfect storm,' Costello said."


"It's time for the annual Sound Opinions Turkey Shoot! Each year, Jim and Greg call out the year's most disappointing albums and give thanks they don't have to hear them again.

"If you have a 'Turkey' you'd like to line up and shoot, e-mail us and we'll contact you to be on the air.

"And tune in this Friday at 8 p.m. or Saturday at 11 a.m. as Jim and Greg take a look at the musical genre that has kept teens screaming for over half a century: Bubblegum Pop."


"At the heart of Renaissance 2010 is a belief that families should have a range of good educational options to select from. But a Catalyst analysis finds that a significant number of black students are making lackluster choices, bypassing their low-performing neighborhood school only to end up at one that's no better. Ten of the city's neediest neighborhoods have yet to get better schools. And families find it tough to navigate the free-for-all process of choosing schools."


It's the economic death spiral: workers are laid off while prices rise.

Economic activity slows.

So more workers are laid off.

A government stimulus package is complicated by the mind-boggling deficits we've run up - it turns out they do matter, Dick.

So the only way to dig ourselves out of this mess is to dig ourselves in deeper.

I've begun to think an FDR-style public works program really is part of the answer.

Another part of the answer is for the wealthy to do their part, whether that's continuing to make investments, fund R&D, accept a more equitable tax code, or propping up industries that ought to be propped up.


From Wikipedia's entry on Jimi Hendrix drummer Mitch Mitchell, who died this week:

"Mitchell pioneered a style of drumming which would later become known as fusion. This is a 'lead' style of playing distinguished by interplay with lead instruments such as guitar or keyboards, and the melding of jazz and rock drumming styles. Though lead drums was not a new concept in the world of jazz, it was relatively unheard of in the rock genre at the time. Upon joining Hendrix in late 1966, it soon became evident to Mitch that the trio format of the band was very similar to the recently formed Cream, and that it would allow him an opportunity to become more free with his playing. Like a jazz drummer, Mitch's playing not only provided a rhythmic support for the music, but also a source of momentum and melody. He made heavy use of snare rudiments, fast single and double stroke rolls, and jazz triplet patterns in his playing, and shifted between both traditional and matched grips. Notable examples of his style include the rudiment-heavy fills on 'Hey Joe,' which help to carry the song through a series increasingly intense crescendos. 'Manic Depression' is a 3/4 rock waltz that finds Mitch playing a driving afro-cuban inspired beat, which then shifts to an explosion of triplets all around the drumkit during the outro. 'Third Stone from the Sun' incorporates a jazz ride pattern to underpin Hendrix's jazzy surf guitar, and the spacey breakdown section features polyrythmic drum fills that float over the 4/4 meter. '1983 . . . (A Merman I Should Turn to Be)' features military-style snare drum work and delicate cymbal playing that evokes the sound of wind chimes. The long blues jam 'Voodoo Chile' features Mitch playing a deep blues groove with subtle hi-hat accenting and powerful drum fills that help to propel the song to new heights. Alongside Hendrix's revolutionary guitar work and songwriting, Mitchell's playing helped redefine rock music drumming."


The Beachwood Tip Line: Thank God it's Tip Line.


Posted on November 14, 2008

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