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Dog The Bounty Hunter
7 p.m.
An erotic dancer is sought in Honolulu as the team welcomes Duane Lee back into the fold. (

Weather Derby
Tribune: 68/48
Sun-Times: 63/51
Weather Channel: 66/50
Natl Weather Svc.: 62/46
BWM*: 99/1
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The [Friday] Papers

"John McCain packed a stadium full of supporters into his 6-by-7-foot prisoner-of-war cell Thursday night, suggesting his harrowing life history proves he is the battle-scarred warrior who could keep Americans safe and shake up Washington," the Sun-Times reports.

Indeed. McCain came dangerously close to claiming - as his campaign has already been accused of - that he deserves the presidency because of his heroism in war, though he came just as close to pleading for a sympathy vote.

For the most part, McCain's speech was lame. He failed to project leadership and overdosed on the flag. He did pull a neat turn though: He effectively attacked Barack Obama as a candidate who has only talked about reform instead of leading it, and in admitting his own party's failures and implicitly rejecting the last eight years of George W. Bush, he tried to capture the mantle of hope and change.

It's something he could not have done without Sarah Palin, who we can clearly see now saved this convention for the GOP and quite possibly saved the race - for now - for John McCain.

The Tribune was polling online yesterday to see if readers thought Palin should be dropped from the ticket. What they should be polling is if Palin should be the one at the top of the ticket.

* Song of the Moment: Barracuda
* Mystery Convention Theater

Head Lines
"Robbed Bank To Play Lottery, Cops Say."

Blagojevich in custody.


"Cook County Board Approves Vendor Database."

Huge contract will be given out to build it.


"Trib Redesigns Paper To 3 Sections."

Just three more to go!


"Man Arrested After Turf Dispute Sets Off Brawl On Ravinia Lawn."

Picnic baskets overturned, wine spill threatened.


"County May Buy Golf Course From Commissioner's Family."

And then lease it back to him.

Invisible Machine
Richard M. Daley, responding to Rudy Giuliani's assertion that Barack Obama "immersed himself in Chicago machine politics:"

"I don't know where we get this, this idea that there's a big Democratic machine going on. Chicago and the metropolitan area is very Democratic and the state is. There's no, this machine. I thought it was laughable."

Obama also said he had never seen a machine going on.

Logan's Run
"Alton Logan wants Mayor Daley to apologize for the nearly three decades he spent in prison for his wrongful murder conviction," the Sun-Times reports.

"He was the man that signed the death certificate," Logan said. "That's the only apology I want.

Daley can't remember the case, even though, as the S-T points out, it's notorious enough to be featured on 60 Minutes.

"I have no idea [whether an apology is warranted]," Daley said. "You know how many cases we had in the state's attorney's office?"

Daley then cut off questioning because he had to get back to rebuilding souls.

Blago's Court
"[Logan will] also seek a pardon from Gov. Blagojevich, which would make him eligible for nearly $200,000 in compensation."

Or, to put it in terms the governor will understand, four campaign donations.

Ferdy Recommends . . .
I Served The King of England, opening tonight at the Music Box and at the Century 12 and CineArts 6, 1715 Maple, Evanston.

"If you go to see it hungry, you'll be chewing your arm witnessing all the lavish meals served at all the fine establishments where Dite works," she wrote last year. "There are some transcendent moments of visual trickery, such as when Dite the elder empties a box of stamps and they float lifelike on the breeze. The Czechs do sexual playfulness extremely well, and each act of physical love is a rather complete and innocent delight, even between Dite and Liza . . . This densely packed film moves with the grace, speed, and charm of Dite twirling his tray of delectables."

Summer Bummer
Geez, how would you like to come all the way to Chicago for the Olympics and have to stay in Indiana?

Hockey Moms Respond


Hockey Moes
The Official Tribute Site, including the Moes Hall of Fame, the Flaming Moes song, and Moetry.

The Beachwood Tip Line: To have and to hold.


Posted on September 5, 2008

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BOOKS - Abe Lincoln: Good For The Jews.

PEOPLE PLACES & THINGS - FEMA: Give The Gift Of Preparedness.

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