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Trump's Banana Split Economy

Diseconomies of scale.

The [Monday] Papers

Pot, opioids and drownings: Another Debbie Downer Edition.

Send Us Back

For example, U.S. homicide rates are over seven times the average of the rest of the developed world. So, indeed, the U.S. can use advice and examples from other countries to improve itself. Send us back to see how it's done.

The [Monday] Papers

Aramark's Black History Month is not going well.

An Assault Weapon Proposal

A way forward that would allow gun enthusiasts to use and enjoy their assault-style weapons within a secure regulatory framework.

Blues Jam Memorial For Chicago Great Arthur "Sambo" Irby

This will be a historic event to tell your grandchildren about. There will be many old Maxwell Street old-timer musicians there. Bring your cameras and video recorders.

The [Monday] Papers

A call for help from Chicago's Rohingya Culture Center.

New WPA Stamps Are a Good Reminder To Bring Emergency Public Employment Infrastructure Programs To Violent Neighborhoods

A WPA-type program should be the one of the first violent crime reduction strategies.

The [Wednesday] Papers

Footchases and funding.

Reducing Chicago's Violence: A 10-Point Plan

Changing the narrative by reconfiguring the policy handles.

Continuing The Political Revolution

The political revolution Bernie Sanders has launched against big money's corruption of American politics has begun well. If Bernie wins the Democratic nomination, it will proceed with great advantage. It should proceed even if he does not.

The Maxwell Street Market Vendors Association Wants You To Like Them

Prove the City wrong.

Here's To Bobby Too Tuff

These are the real OGs, folks.

Remembering Lil' Scotty: Bluesman, Buttonman

Occupied the fabric of Chicago.

The Weekend Desk Report

Special Halloween Costume Edition.

Remembering Lacy Gibson, Master Bluesman

Gospel-tinged hillbilly jazz blues guitar.

Lil' Scotty: 'Give Him His Flowers While He Lives'

Still belts out the blues - with a marker in his trach tube.

City Needs New Policy For The New Maxwell Street Market: An Open Letter To Mayor-Elect Emanuel

What a thrill it would be to visit a bricks and mortar museum to learn about the past and then see that past embodied in the present, in a living, thriving marketplace.

The [Tuesday] Papers

Pat Quinn is a classless schmuck.

The Olympic Bid That Could Have Been

Chicago could have truly made this bid America's Games - and part of the nation's renewal.

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