Chicago - Jul. 22, 2019
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Rock The Luya Mic

"To the Filipinx community, luya (ginger) has healing properties, just as it does in many other Asian cultures. Organized by multidisciplinary artists from the Chicago Filipinx diaspora, Luya is a welcoming space for poets of color to express themselves to an audience that understands where they're coming from. Whether you're a spoken word veteran, or someone just starting to find your voice, we're here for you. Perform with or without music, alone or in a group, stick to the theme or don't - all we ask is that you bring your whole self to the mic."


Through Poetry, Luya Bridges Gaps and Diasporas in Chicago.


Luya founder Chris Aldana.


Insta Luya.




Comments welcome.


Posted on May 22, 2019

MUSIC - Pitchfork Highlights.
TV - Breaking: Trump Still Racist.
POLITICS - Trump & Hitler.
SPORTS - Cubs, Sox At Pivot Points.

BOOKS - Smokey The Controversial Bear.

PEOPLE PLACES & THINGS - Tube Packaging Market On Fire.

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