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The Periodical Table

A weekly roundup of the magazines on Shipley's nightstand.

Take-Home Pay
Frank Blake, the new CEO of Home Depot, will make $8.9 million a year, according to Time magazine. Yeah, you know times are tough when a guy like that can't get a clean $9 mil. Guess he'll have to hold off on that 22nd addition.

Secret Sex
Reader's Digest reveals the seven secrets to a sexy marriage. Yes, that's right, Reader's Digest. Hey, circulation is tough all over.

Number One
Subscribe to sexier magazines.

Lake Effect
Lakes in Alaska are vanishing due to global warming, according to University of Alaska-Fairbanks researchers, according to Natural History magazine.

Bat Sex
Bats have sex too. Now they can do it in a burlap bat boudoir that you can build yourself, with a little help from the March issue of Mother Earth News. And remember, if you see a leaf hanging from the doorknob, find somewhere else to spend the night.

Pop Rocks
Iggy Pop tells Esquire readers what he's learned - or not - in his battle-scarred life, in the March issue. For example:

"You must've had a night where you did two grams of nasty blow in New York City and a fifth of Jack Daniel's and been with not the greatest chick you ever slept with and you got two hours' sleep and you wake up and it's the morning rush and you're hearing honk! honk! honk! out your window and it's gray and it's cold and you just want to die. At that moment, yeah, I regretted what I'd done the night before. But big-picture regrets? Nah."

Poor Little Rich Boy
Anderson Cooper, the son of Gloria Vanderbilt, was driven early in his career by his brother's suicide, according to the March cover story of Men's Journal. Whatever.

Out Of Time
Michael Stipe tells Rolling Stone that the new R.E.M. record due out this year "will sound like R.E.M. in 2007." Dude, sounding like R.E.M. in 1982 would be so much cooler.


Posted on February 10, 2007

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