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(Relatively) New Rhetoric And Composition Books Are Here!

1. Claiming the Bicycle: Women, Rhetoric, and Technology in Nineteenth-Century America. By Sarah Hallenbeck.


"Sarah Hallenbeck's Claiming the Bicycle: Women, Rhetoric, and Technology in Nineteenth-Century America is a fresh and masterful piece of scholarship that will make significant interventions to the fields of feminist rhetorical studies and histories of technical communication in particular, as well as rhetorical historiography writ large."

- Jessica Enoch, associate professor and director of academic writing at the University of Maryland

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2. Praising Girls: The Rhetoric of Young Women, 1895-1930. By Henrietta Rix Wood.


"Praising Girls: The Rhetoric of Young Women, 1895-1930 fills a significant gap in our understanding of the history of American women's rhetoric. This meticulously researched study of the published writing of diverse young women documents their rhetorical performances in the school newspapers, literary magazines, and yearbooks that gave them rhetorical space. Through a feminist recovery of the genre of epideictic discourse and its uses by girls in making arguments relevant to their everyday lives, Wood offers a historical and critical tour de force."

- Nan Johnson, Ohio State University

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3. Rewriting Composition: Terms of Exchange. By Bruce Horner.


"Rewriting Composition is a major reckoning with the field, a deep interrogation of composition's own terms of understanding.

"The rigor of its cultural materialist approach has a startling effect, treating the familiar in new and unsettling ways.

"This hasn't happened in a long time."

- John Trimbur, Emerson College

Read More.

4. Quintilian on the Teaching of Speaking and Writing: Translations from Books One, Two, and Ten of the Institutio Oratoria. Second Edition. By James J. Murphy and Cleve Wiese.


"This meticulously edited volume introduces students to oral and written rhetoric by providing the insights of one of the discipline's most profound educators in a clear and incredibly relevant manner.

"Highly recommended!"

- Richard Leo Enos, Piper Professor (State of Texas), and Lillian Radford, chair of rhetoric and composition, Texas Christian University

Read More.

5. The Selected Writings of John Witherspoon. New in paperback. Edited by Thomas P. Miller.


"Miller provides a superb introductory essay treating Witherspoon's works as well as the intellectual, social, and political contexts in which Witherspoon was educated, wrote his essays and sermons, taught, and advocated political freedom and American independence.

"Miller richly details numerous subjects important to understanding Witherspoon's writings."

- Lloyd F. Bitzer in Southern Communication Journal

Read More.


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Posted on May 18, 2016

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