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Nerds And The Undead Clogging The Kennedy To Get To Chicago Comic Con In Rosemont!

"Geek is chic at this year's Wizard World Chicago Comic Con," Debra Lipson writes for The DePaulia.

"Gather with fellow comic book, graphic novel, movie, TV show, gaming and technology fans for four days of nerd-dom at its finest. Famous faces scheduled for the fest range from Patrick Stewart (X-Men, Star Trek), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future), James Marsters (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Smallville) to Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins)."


Presented by Wizard World, the Pioneers of Pop Culture.


Official event Facebook page.


"If you are thinking of dropping in on the Wizard World Comic Con this weekend and in the Chicago area, you might like to keep your eyes pealed for these amazing TeamFortress 2 characters created in Lego by Flickr member Pepa Quin."


"When it comes to comic books, superheroes still rule the day at the Chicago Comic-Con. But there will be a few creators in attendance who don't tell stories involving capes or utility belts," the Daily Herald reports.

"Chicago cartoonist Ivan Brunetti, author of dark and excruciatingly funny comic strips, will be meeting fans and leading an art demonstration."


"The Force Still With Chicago's Orli Shoshan."


"Southlanders set to be a part of the event include author Nnedi Okorafor (author of Iridessa and the Fire-Bellied Dragon Frog, Akata Witch and Who Fears Death)," the SouthtownStar reports.

"Also, SouthtownStar "Beardo" cartoonist Dan Dougherty (artist and writer of Rotten and The Apocalypse Plan) will be among the guests."


"The Midwest Garrison of the 501st Legion - known throughout the galaxy as 'Vader's Fist,' 'The Fighting 501st or, more mundanely, the Illinois chapter of the largest Star Wars costuming club in the world - has never seen combat. Its members have never fired their guns, captured a stronghold or lost a member to the Rebel insurgency. Their guns don't actually fire. They wear the sculpted plastic armor of the Stormtrooper - the signature white plating of the Empire's disposable foot soldiers. They also wear every variation of the suit they can muster: Snowtrooper, Sandtrooper, Clone Trooper, Clone Pilot, TIE Pilot, Biker Scout, etc.," Christopher Borelli writes for the Tribune.

"If you attend the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con in Rosemont this weekend, you will witness a traditional show of 501st might and aggression - which generally means a couple of dozen Stormtroopers standing around, posing for pictures, brandishing very large plastic weapons."


"Here's a sampling of some individual autograph and photo op prices," Hollywood Soapbox reports.

"Autographs: Alaina Huffman ($25), Anthony Michael Hall ($30), Christopher Lloyd ($30), Erin Gray ($25), James Marsters ($40), Lou Ferrigno ($25), Mike Grell ($1), Norman Reedus ($25) and Vivica A. Fox ($30).

"Photo ops: Christopher Lloyd ($40), Gil Gerard ($30), James Marsters ($60), Mimi Rogers ($30), Patrick Stewart ($100), Patrick Stewart and LeVar Burton ($135), Vivica A. Fox ($30) and Ray Park ($30)."


This guy'll be there:


This guy'll be there too:


And this guy:


How to talk to celebrities there:


At least one girl will be there:


In two different costumes:


Comments welcome.


Posted on August 11, 2011

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