Chicago - Dec. 5, 2021
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Michael Flynn, Rogue Star

Titles for the times, New Wave coffee shop, Logan Square, January 24, 2018.



From Publishers Weekly:

"In this sprawling, near-future saga of power politics and space exploration, a sequel to Flynn's well-received Firestar (1996), billionaire industrialist Mariesa van Huyten continues to battle wrongheaded government officials, well-meaning but naive liberals and shortsighted businessmen to put in place an orbital defense against potentially dangerous near-Earth asteroids.

"The novel features a number of interconnected subplots. In one, Mariesa must come to terms with a U.S. president who wants to co-opt her not-yet-completed space station and turn it into an illegal and top-secret weapons platform. In another, a group of colorful blue-collar characters who might easily have come out of an Allen Steele novel build Mariesa's station and live their boisterous, occasionally violent lives. In yet another, the poet Roberta Carson, once Mariesa's disciple but now her sworn enemy, schemes to bring about the industrialist's downfall, supposedly for the good of the people."


Here's Goodreads on Legacy of Earth (#3):

"Faster-than-light travel to the stars was a discovery of the great Saunder family, and the vast Saunder fortune helped in the colonizing of alien worlds, among strange, nonhuman races.

"But Anthony Saunder had no share in that fortune or heritage. He was only a clone, the illegal result of a cruel woman's whim, not truly human. And the business he had started on Procyon Four, making colonist's emoto-tapes, was on the brink of failure."


I don't think The Quran needs any explanation.


Comments welcome.


Posted on January 24, 2018

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