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Louder Than A Bomb 2013

"Listen up! Teen poets from the Windy City grabbed the microphone and told the stories of their lives at the 13th annual Louder Than a Bomb - Return to the Craft (LTAB) Chicago Youth Poetry Festival at the Cadillac Palace Theater. Winners were selected from individual and team categories.

"LTAB, which is the world's largest youth poetry festival, was founded in 2001 by Kevin Coval, and Anna West in collaboration with Young Chicago Authors. LTAB was created to give Chicago city youth a platform to share their stories.

"The festival has since become a 'bridge' for young people from diverse backgrounds to come together and find a common ground through their narratives.

"LTAB poets often incorporate themes of empathy, love, and forgiveness in their work to reconcile difficulties in their lives and relationships.

"LTAB is a friendly competition that emphasizes self-expression and community via poetry, oral storytelling, and hip-hop spoken word for young people from all neighborhoods, socio-economic statuses, race and culture to come together and understand one another.

"LTAB 2013 featured more than 900 students from Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. For the high-school student slam segments - a tournament competition pitted teams in two preliminary matches before the winning teams went against each other in the semifinal and final rounds. One hundred and ten teams (110) contended for four spots in the final team round."


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Bonus Bomb:

Stone's Throw


An Ode . . .


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Posted on March 15, 2013

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