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Local Book Notes: Harry The Hit Man's Soft Side

1. Harry The Hit Man Apparently Had Another Side That We Should All Appreciate.

"In the history of organized crime in Chicago, few were feared as much as Harry 'The Hitman' Aleman," NBC Chicago reports.

"Federal authorities believe his body count is 18 or higher."




"Aleman died in prison a little more than two years ago. Now his step-daughter, Franky Forliano, is writing a book she says will show her father's other side.

"In an interview at her west suburban townhome, Forliano talked about the unapologetic tribute to father."


Here's the report:


2. Go On, Embarrass Yourself.

"HEAVEmedia is proud to support a unique reading series in Chicago, promoting the embarrassing memories chronicled in our personal journals.

"Running since December 2012, Permanent Records is a monthly reading night dedicated to the beautiful embarrassment of youth.

"The format of this series is open; anyone brave enough to dig into the archives of their LiveJournal account can join in. Speakers are encouraged to bring blog posts, journals, notes, creative rememberings, old songs, poems and any other sundry items to share with the audience. From funny to touching to cringingly awkward, Permanent Records is all about looking back."


This sounds like a project for the daughter of a hit man.


"HEAVEmedia features editor Dominick Mayer hosts this event at Uncharted Books.

"The event is BYOB, and any interested speakers can bring their materials to read that night. No sign-up needed! Speakers and audience members are encourage to arrive at 7, and readings will start at 7:30 pm.

"More information about the event can be found on the official Facebook event page.


3. Kenn For Kids.

"The Poetry Foundation is pleased to announce that poet Kenn Nesbitt will serve as the next Children's Poet Laureate: Consultant in Children's Poetry to the Poetry Foundation. In awarding the $25,000 cash prize and two-year title, the Poetry Foundation aims to raise awareness that children have a natural receptivity to poetry and are its most appreciative audience, especially when poems are written specifically for them.

"Kenn Nesbitt, 51, is the author of numerous books of poetry for children, including The Tighty-Whitey Spider (2010), My Hippo Has the Hiccups (2009), and Revenge of the Lunch Ladies (2007).

"His books abound with humorous and silly situations, and his poems have appeared in hundreds of anthologies, magazines, and textbooks worldwide.

"His poems have also been adapted to other media, including music and film. Nesbitt wrote his first children's poem, 'Scrawny Tawny Skinner,' in 1994, and published his first poetry book, My Foot Fell Asleep, in 1998.

"Nesbitt succeeds J. Patrick Lewis to become the fourth Children's Poet Laureate, and the youngest ever to hold the title."


Some Nesbitt:

My Pet Germs.


My Hamster Has A Skateboard.


2012 Interview.


4. Rudyard Kipling Hated Chicago.


5. The Perks Of Banning Books.

They return with a vengeance.


Comments welcome.


Posted on June 14, 2013

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