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Local Book Notes: Epic Stories Of The Great Migration, Bruce Springsteen & Wage Theft Avengers

1. DuSable Museum Now Has A Book Club.

"Introducing the DuSable Museum Book Club, which provides a unique forum to discuss exciting and emotive literature related to African American history and culture. Be among the first to take part in these dynamic learning experiences, starting with our first selection The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration, presented in collaboration with One Book One Chicago.

"The Warmth of Other Suns is Isabel Wilkerson's historical study about the The Great Migration and the Second Great Migration, the movement of blacks out of the Southern United States to the Midwest, Northeast and West between 1915 and 1970.

"The book intertwines a general history and statistical analysis of the entire period, and the biographies of three persons: a sharecropper's wife who left Mississippi in the 1930s for Chicago named Ida Mae Brandon Gladney; an agricultural worker, George Swanson Starling, who left Florida for New York City in the 1940s; and Robert Joseph Pershing Foster, a doctor who left Louisiana in the early 1950s, for Los Angeles.


"The DuSable Museum Education Council presents The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration, A DuSable Museum Book Club Discussion. Sunday, May 19, 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

"The DuSable Museum Book Club discussions are facilitated by The DuSable Museum Education Council and include a light reception.

"General Admission is $5.00 and FREE for DuSable Museum Members."


"With a Chicago Public Library card, the e-book can be downloaded to any device - iPad, Kindle, etc. Here is the link to the e-book of this title for download: New to Chicago Public Library e-books?"


WGBHForum/Published on Sep 6, 2012:

"Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Isabel Wilkerson discusses her book The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration, presented by Harvard Book Store. Wilkerson chronicles the decades-long migration of black citizens who fled the South for northern and western cities, in search of a better life. From 1915 to 1970, this exodus of almost six million people changed the face of the U.S."


2. Springsteen on Springsteen via Chicago.

"One day in late 1973, the mailman delivered a review copy of Bruce Springsteen's just-released second album," Jeff Burger writes for No Depression.

"I'd barely heard of him before the LP arrived but the more I played it the more captivated I became. So I called the publicity department at Columbia Records and said I'd like to talk with Bruce. A couple of weeks later, on January 15, 1974, he phoned me at home and I interviewed him for an article that ran that March in a then-popular national music magazine called Zoo World.

"Flash forward nearly four decades. A writer contacted me out of the blue via this very No Depression website and told me he was putting together an anthology of Tom Waits interviews for publication by Chicago Review Press.

"He'd unearthed an interview I'd done with Waits for Melody Maker back in 1974, and he wanted to use it in the book. I said OK and wound up having a few email exchanges with the publisher, during which I asked whether Chicago Review Press might ever be interested in a similar book on Bruce Springsteen. Next thing I knew, I was staring at a deadline for what became Springsteen on Springsteen: Interviews, Speeches, and Encounters."

Click through to No Depression to read an excerpt.

See also: Chicago Review Press.


3. Let's See Hollywood Make A Superhero Movie About This.

"Worker advocates have turned to a new tool to educate low-wage employees about wage theft," the Catholic News Service reports.

"Welcome the comic book.

"The first issue of Wage Theft: Crime & Justice, published by Chicago-based Interfaith Worker Justice, may not be coveted by comic book collectors, but clients at worker centers around the country are poring over the bilingual book to learn how best to regain wages owed to them by deceitful employers."

Click through to read more.


Comments welcome.


Posted on May 17, 2013

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