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Local Book Notes: Crime & Prejudice

"The most comprehensive study to date on the roots of crime found that the central factor in how people perceive the safety of a neighborhood is not disorder or even the presence of boarded-up stores and abandoned buildings, but the number of African-Americans (and to a lesser extent Hispanics) who live there," Michael Greenberg writes in the New York Review of Books. "This perception was true for blacks and whites alike."

That study? "The Project on Human Development in Chicago Neighborhoods, a recently completed, decade-long study on the roots of crime."

Scene From A Chicago Bookstore
The Eternal Thank You.

Triumph's Triumph
"Triumph Books, a sports books publisher based in Chicago, is well known for its instant books, such its glossy, fully illustrated tribute to NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, released just 10 days after his death in a crash in 2001," Claire Kirch writes for Publishers Weekly.

"Dale Earnhardt: Remembering the Intimidator has sold a total of 325,000 copies in its initial paper and subsequent expanded hardcover editions, becoming one of Triumph's top sellers. The company's newest instant book will cover the San Francisco Giants, winners of the just-concluded World Series. Triple Crowned shipped Saturday, November 1, and has a 25,000-copy first printing."

Triumph is now celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Beloit Blues
"Author and longtime Beloit College Professor Tom Warren is gearing up to release his third book, Discovering Beloit: Stories Too Good To Be True?," Whitney Helm writes for the Beloit Daily News.

His first fictional endeavor is set in a futuristic Beloit, yet hinges on the central problem that is the lack of investigative journalism.

The story focuses on retired Beloit College Professor John Marshall Bridlington, affectionately called "Gov," a former Springfield Bureau journalist. Gov takes a job as a high school teacher for classes held on the Beloit College campus. His class consists of five students and throughout the class they make discoveries about Beloit and themselves.

In their world, the Chicago Cubs come to Beloit, there is a "chain-gang" of former criminals working at the college and other discoveries.

"Journalism is suffering. Newspapers are vulnerable and because newspapers are vulnerable they lay off people and investigative journalism suffers. When investigative journalism suffers, we all suffer," Warren said.

"Warren [is] a retired professor at Beloit College and a former paperboy for the Rockford Register-Republic and the Chicago Daily News."


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Posted on November 3, 2014

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