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Local Book Notes: Atheists, Graphic Artists & Angry Parents

1. WGN vs. Penn Jillette.

WGN-TV's Robin Baumgarten offended by Penn's book title.

2. Kids vs. Adults.

"The Illinois Library Association presented Lane Tech College Prep High School with its Intellectual Freedom Award, honoring the school for protesting the removal of the graphic novel Persepolis from Chicago Public Schools," DNAinfo Chicago reports.

Seems adults never learn this lesson.

3. Suburban Mom vs. First Amendment.

"Suburban mom Megan Fox uses libraries regularly to home-school her children, but what she said she saw on a recent visit to a local library left her aghast: three men on three different library computers viewing pornography," the Tribune reports.

"And, according to library policy, there's nothing wrong with that.

"Fox wrote a letter to Orland Park library officials and followed up at a library board meeting last month, confronting officials about their policy and posting a video online of the meeting that has been viewed nearly 10,000 times.

"The Orland Park Public Library cites the First Amendment in explaining why it allows patrons to look up anything - including pornography - on its adult-only computers so long as the material isn't illegal or obscene. The district's stance is an anomaly in the south and southwest suburbs, but other local library districts, including Chicago's, have policies similar to that in Orland Park.

"Let's see how long their so-called First Amendment rights to porn can stand up against angry parents," said Fox, who lives in a nearby suburb but said she uses the Orland Park library often. "Who do they think they are?"

Americans, that's who.

4. U of C Grad Students vs. Fear.

"In her book The Age of McCarthyism, Ellen Schrecker writes of a telling incident that sounds familiar to those of us who lived the period," Bill Boyarsky writes for Truthdig.

"University of Chicago graduate students began circulating a petition for a coffee vending machine outside the physics department for late-night workers. But their colleagues refused to sign because 'they did not want to be associated with the allegedly radical students whose names were already on the document.'"

5. Nebraska vs. Naperville.

"Neebo, the online retailer and nationwide network of college stores owned by Nebraska Book Co., said it will be opening an office in Naperville, Ill., with operations beginning early next year," the Lincoln Journal-Star reports.

"The company told employees last week the company's marketing, general merchandise, merchandise planning and Internet platform development functions would be moving to the Chicago area early next year. The company said it would be eliminating jobs locally, but wouldn't specify the number."

6. Take A Book vs. Leave A Book.

Movement Catching On.

7. Old Books vs. New Sales.

How Your Old Books Turn Into $14 Million In Sales.

8. Chicago Manual of Style vs. Spanish.

"The University of Deusto has presented its Manual de estilo Chicago-Deusto," Basque Research reports.

"This is the adaptation into Spanish of the 16th edition of The Chicago Manual of Style. The original work dates from 1906 and, since its 12th edition in 1969, it has sold more than a million copies. It is, thus, a classic in the sector of reference works and an indispensable tool for teachers and authors drawing up texts for publication, as well as for research, studies, PhD theses or articles for scientific journals.

"An agreement between the Deusto University and the University of Chicago has enabled this complex process of translation and adaptation to be taken on. The final result is a highly interesting manual with which Deusto aims to position itself in the publishing market for Spain and Latin America."

9. Poetry Foundation vs. Saturdays.

10. Special: Chicago Bulls Robot Reading A Book.


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Posted on November 7, 2013

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