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Is The Antichrist In Our Midst?

By The Special Guests Publicity Service

An economic meltdown that - based on its global scope - is even worse than the Great Depression.

. . . A nuclear-ambitious Iran that threatens to change the entire political and military dynamic of the world.

. . . A far-leftist U.S. leadership making a play for socialist government control.

. . . A Wall Street and Washington landscape riddled with corrupt individuals.

. . . A secular factious, often uncontested movement that's eroding our moral fiber.

Can anyone really tell what's going on? Is there a common-thread force at work here that is beyond our comprehension?


In his new book, The Man Who Would Be God, teacher, senior pastor and author, Phil Arms, explores the possibilities based on his knowledge of Biblical prophecies.

"I believe the Antichrist is alive this very minute and that he will soon make his move," says Arms in a recent press release about his book.

With this contention as a driving force, and his equally prophetic belief that "one Man will also step forward with miraculous solutions that offer peace and prosperity," Arms' text speculates on how the Fourth Reich will explode across Europe, the Middle East and, eventually, the United States.

For a thought-provoking discussion about the world's most critical current events, their startling congruence with the Biblical prophesies Arms references, and the contents of his work that make it extremely difficult to put his book down, call Special Guests to schedule an interview with Pastor Arms. It will captivate your audience.

Phil Arms has been in the ministry for 35 years serving as a teacher, senior pastor, author and as the host of the nationwide television and radio program, Phil Arms Presents.

People across the nation have heard him speak at Bible Conferences, Pastors Conferences, Prophecy Conferences as well as area-wide and citywide evangelistic crusades.

He has led more than 40 teaching tours to the Middle East, Europe and Israel and been a guest on hundreds of secular and Christian television and radio programs.

Phil Arms has authored several books dealing with power principals for successful living and a non-fictional series on biblical prophecy. The Peacebroker, his first novel, is rich with prophetic insights and is a compelling page-turner that takes the reader on a thrilling and unforgettable journey to believe the unbelievable.

The author lives outside Houston, Texas with his wife of thirty-two years, Suzanne. They have three children, Brittany, Lindsey and Philip and two grandchildren, Ethan and Haley.


Posted on September 17, 2009

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