Chicago - Sep. 19, 2020
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Dude Picks Up Babe Ruth Book In Chicago Signed By Babe Ruth

Chris Brigandi and Jimmy Spence of JSA Authentication, at the 2019 National Sports Collectors Convention earlier this month.


via Pop History Dig:

"In 1947, Ruth had also authorized a biography about his life and times - The Babe Ruth Story - which would be published in 1948. Written in the first person, Ruth's story was 'told to Bob Considine,' then a famous author and Hearst syndicated newspaper columnist. Considine's name appears on the book's cover along with Ruth's - as well as a hand-written note at the top, supposedly from Ruth, calling the book 'my only authorized story.'

"The Babe Ruth Story, however, was not written by Considine - or at least a good portion of it came from another source. Considine did meet with Ruth several times in attempts to interview him for the book. Another sports writer, Fred Lieb, who worked for the New York Telegram newspaper, became the real ghostwriter for the book."


"A Babe Ruth autographed 1948 hardback edition of The Babe Ruth Story sold for $6,462.50 at Robert Edwards Auctions in 2008 - billed by the auction house as 'one of the most desirable of all baseball books.' Ruth-autographed copies of this book are especially rare since he was quite ill at the time and only singed a limited number of copies.

"As the Robert Edwards auction house has stated: 'Thus, signed copies of this book are not only rare but also represent one of the most important and final items ever penned by the legendary Sultan of Swat. For that reason they are highly prized by collectors today.' At least one other copy of a signed hardback edition of The Babe Ruth Story sold at Robert Edwards Actions for $4,740.00 in 2013."


Comments welcome.


Posted on August 22, 2019

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