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College Kid Proves Creation

Hello Mr. Steve Rhodes:

The following press release about a college student's book that could prove the existence of God, may be of interest to your audience. Any editorial comment or mention that you may give this press release would be greatly appreciated.

- - -


Dateline: February 5, 2007 . . . Bowling Green, KY
Contact: Samuel J. Hunt
Phone: (918) 809-6278
Web Address:

BOWLING GREEN, KY - February 5, 2007 - In what could turn out to be the most controversial document since a patent clerk penned the theory of relativity, Episteme Scientia - The Law of All that Is, suggests science has been proving God's existence, all along.

The abstract states, "An examination of the sequential mathematical and experimental dual proof of the Genesis record of origins underlying the institution of all that is in the universe - from waves to matter to the mind." According to the author, the Scientific Method has been subtly proving the Genesis cosmology in every classroom around the world for more than 450 years - in spite of the fervency to promote evolution and big bang theories.

Known to online Darwinists as "the kid," the author, Samuel J. Hunt, a student at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky, boasts of taking science where no man has gone before. The kid says it all began quite simply, "I asked my professors in physics and chemistry, 'What if I could scientifically prove that all matter was spoken into existence, and that all matter could be manipulated by sound just as Genesis says? Wouldn't that mean God exists and created the universe?'" The response - "Nobody's ever done that before."

According to Hunt, his 84-page document holds the missing factor in the quest to find the Grand Unified Theory of Science, "My professors think my application of accepted laws and theories may bend the rules a bit, but the ideas are thought provoking and progressive." Some who have read Hunt's paper believe it may well hold the missing link between vitalist and materialist - the key to traversing the intellectual landscape beyond the evolution vs. creation debate.

Even now, the Darwinists are taking up arms. After reading only a short quip of Hunt's wisdom they're talking about "a good book-burning," "paradigm shifts," "eating crow" and the threat of losing more scientists "to the other side." One Darwinist went so far as to say they are not ready to respond to this if it gets out into the "wider arena." Patrick Henry, a moderator at posts, "I have faith in this kid. Science has obviously lost its way. But with this kid's scientific insights, and a bit of Plato's mysticism, we may have an opportunity to get back on track." The paper's genius lies in its simple, yet profound integration of several mathematical systems including: Phi, Pi, L-systems, Penrose tiling, and an all-encompassing Koch curve. Hunt's book is available for purchase on-line at

About Samuel J. Hunt: A Third year student at Western Kentucky University majoring in Pre-Physical Therapy and Nutrition/Dietetics. Funds created from the sale of the book will support the dream of opening a rehabilitation clinic after finishing his education.


Posted on February 7, 2007

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