Chicago - Jan. 3, 2022
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Chicago Magazine Is 40-Something

"Chicago Magazine Celebrates 40 Years With Special Anniversary Issue."


Billy Corgan and Billy Dec "Pour out a 40" for Our Favorite Dead Chicagoans.

40 Chicagoans Who Might Have Hired Angelo Torres.

Ron Huberman on the 40 Best Jobs Mayor Daley Gave Him.

40 (or at least 4) CPS Schools You'd Consider Sending Your Kid To.

"It's Just Lunch" Now Has 40 Directors Named "Heather."

From Goat To Dec: 40 Billys Who Made This City Even Worse.

Same Shit, Different Tens Digit: Four Decades Of Overrated Bars & Restaurants.

Meet The 40 Chicagoans Poised To Just Stop Trying.

The 40 Elected Officials Who Made Corruption Cool Again.

Forty Rich People Who Made Some Money.

The 40 Hottest Sources Of Heat In Chicago.

Our 40 Best Liposuction Ads.

Chicago's Favorite 40 Rich People.

The 40 Neighborhoods We've Never Been To.

40 Years of Chicago's Best Dentists: A Retrospective.

40 Chicagoans Doing Much, Much Better Since Getting The Hell Out Of This Town.

40 "Best" Chicago Sports Teams of the Past 40 Years.

40 "Best" Mayoral Candidates To Ever Lose To A Daley.

40 Suburbs That Are Doing A Little Better Than They Were In 1970, I Guess.

40 Sexiest Singles Of 1970: Where Are They Now, And Are They Still Sexy Singles?

40 Most Retroactively Hilarious Cover Story Assertions, From "This Disco-Dancing Alderman Is Our Next Mayor" to "The South Loop Is Anything But A Cold, Vacant Wasteland."

- Matt Farmer, Andrew Reilly, Steve Rhodes (who worked at Chicago magazine for six years)


Comments welcome.


Posted on November 18, 2010

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